He is a Drug Addict, but he Keeps Passing Drug Tests – How?

The probation department has the ability to send a test off to be examined for tampering, but you don’t have those same connections. Understanding how they can be cheated will help you test him more effectively.

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The Houdini switch

Drug users have this down to a science.  Everyone in the group knows someone who doesn’t do drugs but is accessible to the drug addicts. It might be one of the addict’s siblings, or the woman on the corner who wants to feel young again so she pretends she is “cool.” That person gives a vial of clean urine to the drug addict.

When he takes the test, he has it hidden in his pants and he squirts it into the cup while he is urinating. All you hear is the water hitting water in the toilet and you see by his position that he is relieving himself. He puts the vial back in his pants when he zips up and then proudly hands you the test, which he knows he will pass.

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These are products available in most vitamin stores. They are sold under the guise of cleansing the system for health reasons, but their true function is to mask drugs in the system so the person can pass a drug test.

Different masks have different instructions as to when they must be taken to be effective. If the drug addict in your home knows when you are going to test him, he can prepare with a mask.

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