Average Prison Sentence Per Offense

The one thing that is consistent about US prison sentences is their inconsistency. Each state sets its own rules to use for each criminal offense. The more serious crimes, called felonies, are typically given longer sentences, while less serious crimes, called misdemeanors have shorter sentences.

Taking a life — A premeditated murder can result in a life sentence in most states. Life typically means the inmate must spend a… Read more

What Does a 15 Years to Life Sentence Mean?

A sentence of 15 years to life, 25 years to life or similar sounding words all mean the same thing. The only difference is the time frame.

What the Number Means

The number in the sentence indicates the minimum number of years the inmate must serve before he or she can be considered for parole. If the inmate is sentenced to 15 years to life, he or… Read more

Does a life sentence always last a whole life?

It surprises people to discover that a life sentence does not always mean the offender will spend the rest of his days in a prison. Often times, a life sentence means you will have to serve a lot of time, but at some point, you will be eligible to apply for parole.

Each state determines how its life sentences will be structured. For example, Tennessee life sentences typically mean… Read more