Boyfriend got arrested in my car – how do I get it back?

Your boyfriend calls from jail and says he was arrested in your car. Why didn’t the police call you? Typically the car gets impounded because if the cops leave it at the side of the road and someone hits it, they might be liable. Getting it back will depend upon what your boyfriend’s charges are.

Anything but drugs

If he doesn’t have a drug charge involving your vehicle, you should be able to get it out of impound. Call the arresting police department and ask them which tow company they had pick it up. Most police departments have a list of tow companies and they rotate who they call to be fair to them all. You will need your state issued identification; a title showing the car is in your name; and your current registration.

Call the impound lot and make sure the car is there. Mistakes are made and you don’t want to waste time going to the wrong lot. Ask them how much the impound fee is and when someone will be there for you to pick it up. Don’t assume there are workers on the lot 24/7. Some of the smaller lots have one guy do both the towing and the releasing of vehicles. Most impound lots are not in great areas of town. If possible, get someone to go with you. Show your identification, car papers, pay the money and get your car. If the registration is in the car, they will let you get it out to show to them.

Arrested for drugs

In some case, if your boyfriend used your car to pick up, transport or deliver drugs, your car might have been seized. This means the state plans to keep your car and they will either sell it to help fund anti-drug programs or turn it into an anti-drug program vehicle. In this case, you won’t be getting it back any time soon but it is possible you will get it back at some point. Call the court, ask the clerk what the process is and be prepared to retain an attorney. Once a car is seized, it is not given back readily. If you can’t afford an attorney, set a court date to plead your case to the judge that you had no idea your boyfriend was going to use the car for a drug deal. If the judge believes you, the car will be released. If not you will need to hire an attorney to go after it again,

Final thoughts: The risk to your vehicle is great if your boyfriend is using it to buy, deliver, or transport drugs. Very few people are aware that police can and do seize personal vehicles and borrowed vehicles. Protect yourself and don’t lend your car out if you have any reason to think it will be used in a drug deal.

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