Can a Felon Possess a Gun In California?

California law allows some convicted felons to own or possess guns. Federal law still makes it a crime to do so, and in some cases the feds have pursued prosecution of those who possess guns in states that permit it. Only an attorney should advise you on this matter, but the basics of California laws are as follows:

Pardon: One way that felons in California can have their rights restored to own or possess a firearm is through a pardon. The governor’s office determines whether or not to grant a pardon. Your attorney can advise you on your case and what your chances are that a successful pardon could happen.

Reduction:  California law allows you to petition the court after a felony conviction to have it reduced to a serious misdemeanor. This type of misdemeanor is called a “Wobble,” meaning it is serious enough to be a felony but in some cases the court chooses to call it a misdemeanor.

After you complete your felony sentence, you can try to get your conviction reduced to a Wobbler, post conviction. If successful, your right to own/possess firearms will be restored as long as you do not have any other felony convictions or domestic violence convictions.

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Final thoughts: While California provides an avenue for you to be able to own/possess guns as a convicted felon, speak to an attorney to fully understand any federal risk you may be taking.

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