Out on Bond and Arrested Again: Will the Bond Company Get Him Out?

Getting him out wasn’t easy. Your family got together and pooled their money and then you went to a bail bond agent and got your husband out of jail. This lets him work, have personal time at home and deal with his case from outside of prison. Now he’s gotten arrested on separate charges. Will he get another bond? That depends.

Same case, new charges: In some situations, a person can get additional charges that actually relate to the same case. For example, he gets charged with burglary. You bond him out, and a week later they come arrest him again because they have new evidence that suggests within that same night he burglarized three other houses. If you explain to the bail bondsman that all four charges are actually about the same evening, there is a good chance the bail bondsman will agree to post the additional bonds.

Lesser charges: If the original charge is a felony but now he has been picked up for a lesser charge, like driving on a suspended license, you may be in luck. This new charge is so minor compared to the felony. If the bail bondsmen felt confident enough to bail him out on a felony, he probably won’t have issue with getting him out on something as small as driving on a suspended license.

He’s a frequent flier: If your husband has many past arrests, this is one place it might work in his favor, especially if he has always dealt with the same bail bond company. Once a company has bonded him out a few times and he always appeared in court, they are more confident in giving him multiple bonds now.

More serious charges: If this new charge is more serious compared to what they originally bonded him out for, they might decline to provide additional bonding. For example, he went to jail for DUI and bailed out. A week later he gets into a bar fight and is charged with aggravated assault with great bodily injury. He wasn’t supposed to go to a bar let alone get arrested. In circumstances like this, the bail bond company is likely to refuse a second bond. They can revoke the bond they already had on him and not risk their money.

Final thoughts: Some companies are very strict in not providing additional bonds for clients, but it is a business for profit, so in many cases, if they don’t view your husband as a flight risk, they will be willing to give it another go. It never hurts to ask.

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