Can I Buy Personal Hygiene Products and Bring Them to the Inmate?

The county jails provide the most basic personal hygiene products to inmates and they are not high quality items.

Many jails have limits on how many products each inmate can receive each week, and it isn’t always enough. For this reason, loved ones are often eager to bring hygiene items to their inmates.

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Some jails allow it.

But they are far and few between. Often it is the very small jails in the very rural areas that house a handful of inmates compared to their larger counterparts in cities.

An example of this system is allowing the inmate to choose items off a list then have family members bring them to visits.

Guards usually examine the items before turning them over to the inmates.

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Most jails do not allow it.

A majority of USA jails prohibit products from being brought to the jail and instead require the inmate to purchase items from their commissary.

The inmate chooses which personal hygiene items he wants to own and if he has enough money on the books he buys them. The products are then delivered or packaged at the jail and given to him on commissary day.

Final thoughts: Inmates have little control over their lives. Because of this, they value their personal hygiene items.

Whether it is through commissary or a family member bringing them in, being able to get new products on a regular basis helps them feel more positive.

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