Choosing Which Days to Visit An Inmate

Visitation looks simple on the surface, but keep in mind these details when planning to see your inmate:

Commissary: For most inmates, the week revolves around visits and commissary deliveries. If possible plan your visits for the days that commissary is not delivered. This gives the inmate different pleasures throughout the week instead of having everything happen at once and then nothing good happening on the remaining days.

Mail runs. While some jails deliver mail to inmates seven days a week, many of them have stopped delivering mail on the weekends. So if weekend visits are allowed, a visit will brighten the inmate’s day.

If Saturday and Sunday visits are not allowed, schedule a Friday visit to give the inmate a boost that will help get him through a weekend without letters or packages.

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Avoid Early Mornings. Unless you can only visit before going to work, or the inmate requests early morning visits, you should avoid that time frame Many inmates get up for breakfast, then go back to sleep for a few hours before getting up for the day. They would prefer to be awake and alert for your visit and not rousted out of bed, half-asleep when they see you.

Special Days: Birthdays and wedding or dating anniversaries in jail magnify the inmate’s lack of freedom. If you can schedule a visit on those actual days, it can put a smile on the inmate’s face.

Final thoughts: Visitation needs to work with your own schedule, but if it is possible to consider these inmate needs, the inmate will have a more balanced existence in jail.

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