County Jails: My Boyfriend is in Our County’s Jail and Another County has Charges for him as Well. What will happen?

One of the stresses for an inmate is being locked up and knowing that other counties might come at him with additional charges. This is usually how it happens.

First charges: Your boyfriend has been arrested and placed in one county jail and charged with one or more crimes. The crimes he is charged with occurred within the same county where the jail is located.

Booking: During booking, the authorities do a quick nationwide check to see if he is wanted in any other county for any crime. If he is, they don’t charge him at that time, but they do notify the other county that they have him in custody for local charges and ask what the second county wants to do.

The other county decides: The secondary county will tell the jail to either hold your boyfriend on the charges for them or let him go because they are not going to spend the time and money to come get him. Most states have time frames during which the second county must come get him or else he is released as soon as the current county charges are handled.

New charges: If the charges in a second county come about after your boyfriend is in the current jail, the charges for the second county will be read to him. He will receive a copy of the charges and in some cases transported to the second county to go to court. Or he will remain in the current county jail till the end of that process and then be transported to the second county’s jail to begin dealing with the new charges.

Final thoughts: Try not to panic. He will be afforded the same due process regardless of how many counties he has trouble in. If he qualifies for a public defender, he will get one in each county and many times the counties will agree to let him run both sentences at the same time if he is found guilty. In other words, the second county might sentence him to 90 days but because he is doing six months at his “home” jail they will allow the 90 days to happen there at the same time he is doing his six months. There will not be additional time added.

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