How Many DUI’s Can I Get Before I Go To Prison?

DUI Offenders can get serious time.
DUI Offenders can get serious time.

A lot of people are getting DUI’s and some are going to jail for a 30-60 day punishment, but how many are actually going to prison… and for how long?

In order to go to prison for a DUI, a person has to have had multiple offenses… three or more. Many states have toughened up on offenders and now require they serve some jail time, even for a second offense.

DUI Offenders can get serious time.
DUI Offenders can get serious time.

The state of Connecticut is a good example of the changing attitudes toward driving drunk; your second DUI will land you in jail for a minimum of 60 to 120 days. No getting off because you are a good guy… This is a mandatory minimum sentence.

Some other state’s laws are as follows:

Oklahoma treats a SECOND offense as a felony and a person could get anywhere from one year to twenty years in prison.

Colorado law can give you up to six months in jail on a FIRST offense.

Wisconsin will give you a ticket for suspicion of DUI.

In California you will do a minimum of 120 days in jail on your THIRD DUI, or on your SECOND, if your first DUI case is still pending.

The laws are getting tougher and the penalties are increasing for DUI across the USA. Don’t drink and drive anywhere as any BAC over .08% will now land you in jail and cost you some serious money. If you do get arrested, immediately call a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.



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