If a Jail is on Lockdown, Can I Still Visit My Inmate?

A jail lockdown is when inmates are ordered into their cells or bunk areas and the doors are locked. It may be confined to a specific area or the entire jail may get locked down.

Lockdowns occur for several reasons, and some jails decide whether inmates can have visits during lockdowns based on the particular circumstances.

Scheduled Prison Runs:

Some jails lock down entire PODS during days that inmates headed for state prisons are being transported

Though these runs are typically in the middle of the night, they can run into the morning when visits occur.

Jail administrators usually allow visits to take place during prison run lockdowns.

Unexpected Problems:

Guards use lockdowns to separate inmates and stop mass chaos such as when large fights break out. Lots of these jails cancel all visits when this happens.

For example, Clarke County detention center will send emails or texts to those who have scheduled visits with inmates who have suddenly unexpectedly been locked down, informing them that the visit is cancelled.


Contagious illnesses spread through jails like wildfire. In rare cases, inmates will be locked down to try and slow the spreading of germs.

Visits may be cancelled to prevent inmates from exposing each other to sicknesses.

Final thoughts: Always contact the jail if you hear about a lockdown so you don’t waste time going for a visit only to be turned away.

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