With Boyfriends in Jail or Prison, What Should You Wear to Visit?

Having a boyfriend in jail or prison sets you apart from others. You aren’t single, so hitting the clubs, going on dates or other activities reserved for the unattached are out. Then again, you really aren’t a couple at the moment because he can’t take you out to dinner or go on a double date. It’s no wonder that you look forward to the jail visits with such eagerness. Use these tips to avoid being sent home by the guards before the visit even begins.

No Bare Skin: Every jail or prison has a rule that you cannot dress too provocatively. Unfortunately, what is provocative is usually up to each guard’s discretion. What may look like a cute outfit to one guard can be a “come-on” outfit to another. The safest bet is to dress conservatively. This means no spaghetti straps, short shorts, see-through blouses or low cut tops.  Instead, choose an outfit in colors that look fabulous with your skin tone and take care of your hair and skin, and you will still look amazing to your boyfriend.

Promoting Drugs or Drinking: Some jails have written rules forbidding visitors to wear anything that appears to promote drugs or alcohol. Other jails have an unwritten rule and you don’t find out about it until you show up in your new ‘Legalize Marijuana” tee-shirt. It won’t matter how cute the jeans are that go with it, you will probably be turned away at the guard station. If you want to wear shirts with sayings on them, choose things that are not substance-related.

Bring Extras

Just when you think you know all the guards and they tell you that you look great at visitation each week, someone will call out sick and the replacement guard will have a thing against pink, or khakis, or visitors in general, so he will blame your clothing and send you home. Come prepared. Keep a bag in the car that contains a plain-colored shirt or sweater, some non-descript (its okay if they are snug and cute) jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes. Even if you run into the meanest guard there, that outfit will be okay for a visit. Remember to never wear a bra with an underwire in it. Those are grounds for losing the visit as well.

Final thoughts:  Relax. Your boyfriend looks forward to seeing you. It has been on his mind every day since the last visit. Whether you are in jeans and a sweatshirt or the prettiest dress you could find, his main concern is that you are there, you are supportive and you are waiting for him to come home.


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