Staying Fit in County Jail: Walking and Jogging in the POD

When you’re locked up, your diet is not going to be the best when it comes to healthy, low-fat foods. This translates to weight gain unless you take steps to counteract the food’s effect on your body.

While state prisons often have outdoor yards that contain exercise equipment, many county jails don’t even let the inmates go outside. You can still use the POD to measure distance and get your workout by walking and jogging.

Getting Started

To figure out how many miles you walk or run each day, you need to measure a mile within the POD. This can be done by counting your steps.

It takes approximately 2,000 normal adult steps to equal one mile. 

As you walk around the POD, count your steps and notice how many times you got completely around the POD before reaching 2,000. (Some inmates make a mark on a piece of paper each time they get around until it is done)

For example, if it took 15 times around the outer edges of the POD to each 2,000 steps, you now know that every time you do the 15 laps, you have completed a mile.

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Vary the Routine

To avoid boredom, be sure to change up your workout. Switch directions sometimes, re-measure your mile to include stair cases if you are in a two story POD, or work on figure eight laps to get those 2,000 steps done.

Final thoughts: A Fitness routine will keep your endorphins pumping, and that will keep you psychologically healthy, too.



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