Notorious Female Criminals in the United States Infographic

For decades, the number of women being convicted of felonies has been rising. The rate is not only changing, but it’s changing fast. Are women racing to prison? Is this a competition to see who’s the most badass?

Females have been linked to the criminal justice system throughout history, but it’s clear that they are playing catch up now when it comes to crime statistics. On the surface, it can look like women are saying I’m as good as any man at simple assaults, drug sales, burglaries and homicides.

Who are the women on the cutting edge of the female crime wave? Is it the unknown Chicago woman who’s gets arrested 396 times or the celebrity who’s in and out of jail and rehab?

When you dig deeper, the answer to these questions is that most imprisoned women have experienced major traumas in their lives, often sexual in nature, and vast numbers were under the influence of booze or drugs when they were busted.

Some of the most notorious female criminals in the US

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When and if they get out of prison, the challenges women face are quite different than those faced by men. Family issues pile up while they are inside and can be overwhelmingly difficult to resolve once they’re home. takes the approach that each case is different, but the common thread is that people are hurting and they need information to navigate their own criminal justice situation. This is why we help make the inmate search information available for the time of arrest, and why we provide every bit of information we can about what’s needed throughout the incarceration period until the agony and ecstasy of the reentry process after release.



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