How to Choose a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

When charged with a crime, worrying about the outcome is natural, but don’t  let emotions cloud the situation. An expert criminal defense attorney can reduce your problems by taking over the case and handling things effectively. You should ask several questions before choosing the best attorney for your situation and budget.

Ask about their specific experience.

In some states, attorneys are not permitted to be labeled as “specialists,” but most attorneys have areas of law they concentrate on. Look for an attorney who works only in criminal law. A general attorney who does a little bit of everything might not have the knowledge, connections and experience that you are going to need.

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Find a good communicator.

No lawyer can promise you that you will not have to do time for the crime you are accused of, but your attorney should be able to give you the best and worst case scenarios in your situation. This prepares you for whatever may come, and knowledge is comforting and stabilizing.

Are they responsive and Informative?

Many people have attorneys that will not return their calls. You need an attorney who is going to listen to you, call you, and keep you informed about your case. Even if he is busy, he should respond to your request within a few days.

Make Sure They Doesn’t Sugarcoat.

There is nothing worse than having an attorney who promises you that you will walk away scot-free and you end up sentenced to prison. Choose an attorney who will give you realistic answers to your questions based on his experience with similar past cases.

Ask for a couple of examples of cases similar to yours that he or she handled and how those cases were defended.

Make Sure They Are The Best Within Your Budget.

Attorneys rarely negotiate price, so only talk to attorneys you can afford to hire. This helps avoid disappointment and impossible debt. Just because one attorney charges less than another does not mean he will do a poor job for you.

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Final thoughts: If you are indigent or low income the courts must appoint a public defender for you. Though they are often overloaded with cases, they should still represent you to the best of their ability, so hold them to the highest standards.



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