Inmate & Family Issues

Prison Mail: Can I Send Newspaper Articles About His Charges To Him?

If you live in a small town or he is charged with a large crime, there is a good change that at least a blurb if not an entire article has appeared in the local newspaper. It might also be linked to the local news website.  Some inmates would rather not know about their notoriety, while others want copies sent to them in jail. If he wants to see the… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Jail Calls: How Will He Call Me From Jail?

He is in county jail and wants to call but the jail phones don’t allow collect calls out. You will need to open an account with whatever company the jail has a contract with. The following steps will help you get it done.

Call the jail: Ask the jail personnel what company the jail has contracted with for phone calls out. They will give you the name of the… Read more


Police Searches: The cops want to search my car, but do I have to let them?

It doesn’t matter if you have been in trouble or you have never been in trouble, when you see those red and blues light up in your rear view mirror, your heart speeds up. Getting pulled over is never a pleasant experience, but it gets more stressful when the officer decides he wants to search your car. Only an attorney should advise you about an individual case, but typically with… Read more


Headed to Prison and Scared: How Will I Keep Myself Safe?

It’s down to the wire. Your attorney has advised you to take the deal and it comes with a prison sentence. If you have never been to prison before, the thought can be paralyzing. You’ve seen movies that show how violent and dangerous prison can be. Movies are not real life. Knowing a few good tips before you get to prison will help you get along.

Don’t borrow: One… Read more


Incarceration: Can I stay in county jail instead of going to prison? Would I want to?

If you have been sentenced to incarceration for a state felony conviction, you will most likely be taken to a penitentiary within a-few-days-to-a-few-months of your sentencing, depending on the beds available at the prison. But you may have special circumstances that warrant you remaining in the jail, such as a terminally ill parent who would not be able to travel to a prison for visitation. Before you make a request… Read more

Substance Abuse

Drug Addiction Education: How Can I Learn More About Addiction?

When you love an addict, you are learning about dependence the hard way. Because you love the addict, you may not be able to be objective about the situation, but part of you really wants to understand how this monster got a hold of someone and turned his life inside out. The following ideas can give you methods to learn the answers. Read: There are countless books on addiction out