Recovering from Drugs: 5 Steps to Admitting a Drug Addiction

After months or years of denial you have decided to come clean about your drug addiction. The following four steps will help it go more smoothly.

  1. Put together a treatment plan.

    • Contact rehabs, outpatient treatment centers and others to decide which treatment is going to best suit your needs.
    • Make a list of options and rank them first, second, third etc as to which you plan to try first.

      Drug Treatment: What Does It Involve?
  2. Contact the family members you will meet with. Immediate family, significant others and close friends are appropriate.

  3. Arrive at the agreed meeting place early and sober. Nothing else will convince them that you are serious about recovery.

  4. Explain your addiction and your treatment plan. Then sit back and listen. Family members might have questions and concerns that need to be voice.

    • Be patient. You are used to the drug world, but for them it is brand new.
Art activities that can be used to explore the theme of sobriety

Final thoughts: Once you have established you are an addict and are going to seek treatment, it is important to follow through immediately so you don’t lose your courage and your family doesn’t give up.



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