Five Ways a Felon Lands in Prison Over a Gun

It is important to understand that as a convicted felon you are not allowed to ever own or be in possession of a firearm again. The restriction doesn’t stop when you complete probation or parole. There are four main ways felons end up being sent back to prison over a gun. 

  1. Owning guns. As a felon, you are typically barred for life from owning any type of firearm

How To Help Someone Adjust To Life After Prison

Most of us imagine that prison life must be hard and extremely difficult to endure, but for many inmates, adapting to life on the outside can be that much harder. Inmates who have spent several years in prison learn to adapt to the way of life behind bars. Much of their time is structured, as they are told when they can eat, sleep, work, bathe, and exercise. Life outside of… Read more