Inmate & Family Issues

County Jails: My Boyfriend is in Our County’s Jail and Another County has Charges for him as Well. What will happen?

One of the stresses for an inmate is being locked up and knowing that other counties might come at him with additional charges. This is usually how it happens.

First charges: Your boyfriend has been arrested and placed in one county jail and charged with one or more crimes. The crimes he is charged with occurred within the same county where the jail is located.

Booking: During booking… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Relationships with an Inmate during Long-Term Incarceration – From a year, to a year and a dark day – Part 3

In Part 1 of this series we discussed the mind of an Inmate during his or her original arrest, the booking and the first week in jail – a time of pure hell. Part 2 dwelled on the Inmate’s first couple of months and his relationship with a close friend or lover, a period of transition. In Part 3, the final installment in this series, we will deal with the period in which most relationships completely fall apart. Those who remain together, however, can create an unbreakable bond that they never knew existed. Read more