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Inmate Criminal Charges: Can Inmates get Charged With Crimes in Jail?

In the movies, inmates commit crimes and nothing ever happens to them. In real life, committing a crime in jail will usually get the inmate a new criminal charge. Here is how it works.

How will they establish what happened?

The jail will investigate any suspected crime, just as if it happened on the outside. For example, if there is a fight and someone is injured, the jail… Read more

The Oppositions Job Is To Win
Inmate & Family Issues

Is a Criminal Defense Lawyer Really Necessary?

If you found the Jail Exchange Prison and County Inmate search website you most likely have some legal questions you need answered. We hope this brief bit of information will help you understand the importance of talking to a criminal defense lawyer the moment you find out you are either under investigation or have been arrested..

States have created laws, sometimes… Read more

Bail and Bonds Allow You To Fight Your Case From The Outside
Bail and Bonds

What are Bail and Bonds and How does it Work?

When you get arrested for a crime and are booked into jail, one of three things will happen next:

  • You will be released on your own recognizance with your promise to show up for court
  • You will be held in jail until your court date and/or trial
  • You will be released by posting a certain amount of money, agreeing that if you do not show up