Inmate & Family Issues

Passing the Time in Jail – What to do to Avoid Going Crazy

The biggest issue when you’re incarcerated is boredom. On the outside you can go visit friends, go to work, take up a hobby, watch what you want on television or anything else you want to avoid dullness. Jail is much more limiting, but here are some suggestions for getting through it:

Exercise – Jail food is known for causing weight gain. There are lots of carbs, little if any… Read more

DUI Offenders can get serious time.
Inmate & Family Issues

How Many DUI’s Can I Get Before I Go To Prison?

A lot of people are getting DUI’s and some are going to jail for a 30-60 day punishment, but how many are actually going to prison… and for how long?

In order to go to prison for a DUI, a person has to have had multiple offenses… three or more. Many states have toughened up on offenders and now require they serve some jail time, even for a second… Read more