Federal Prison Inmates

Federal Prison System: What does it Mean to Self-Surrender?

Your husband has been convicted of a federal crime and has been sentenced to prison but instead of being taken from the courtroom, he was instructed to wait at home for further instructions. There are both positives and negatives with Self-Surrender.

Prison, Day 1Your husband will receive a letter by mail telling him when and where to report.

Pro: Because he has some time while waiting for… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

What can a Local Church do to Help My Family While My Husband is in Jail?

Churches nationwide work with jail and prison populations. If the first church you try doesn’t have a program, call other churches until you find one that does. It is worth the effort. Churches can do many things for inmates and their families.

Letter writing: As you know, your husband loves getting letters. Many churches have specific teams set up for letter writing. They can provide him with some male… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Incarcerated Parents: How do I Tell the Kids Their Parent is in Jail?

As stressful as it is to have your partner go to jail, you are fortunate in that you know where he is, why he is there and what it means to the family. Children, however, often get their information by overhearing adult conversations and then drawing their own conclusions. This can be terrifying for them. Here are some suggestions for communicating about this subject:

Children with incarcerated Parents


Inmate Re-Entry: Preparing for him to come home from prison

In the movies, a guy does years in prison and then the moment he is released there are 100 people waiting at the local bar to welcome him home. He walks in, grabs a beer and the band is playing on stage very loudly. Movies are not real life. A party will be great, but not the first day. Here are some tips to help you prepare for his homecoming… Read more


Boyfriend got arrested in my car – how do I get it back?

Your boyfriend calls from jail and says he was arrested in your car. Why didn’t the police call you? Typically the car gets impounded because if the cops leave it at the side of the road and someone hits it, they might be liable. Getting it back will depend upon what your boyfriend’s charges are.

Anything but drugs

If he doesn’t have a drug charge involving your vehicle… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Parental incarceration: How to tell young children a parent is in jail or prison?

The children know he is gone but they aren’t sure where. Why doesn’t he come home or come to see them? When a parent gets locked up, letting children make their own assumptions is worse than  giving them honest information.  Left to their imagination they might come to believe the parent had died or made the decision to stop loving them and walked away. Here are some ways to let… Read more


Should I call my probation officer? I got in an accident, witnessed a crime, got questioned by a cop

Being on probation means you are being allowed to serve your sentence in the community but you do have rules and guidelines that you must follow. When you first met with your probation officer you went over the rules that apply in your county and with your particular case. Only an attorney can advise you about legal matters, but many PO’s require you to contact them if you have any… Read more


Your Incarcerated Loved One is a Sex Offender

Society does not like sex offenders, but you love someone who was convicted as one. This puts you in an awkward position sometimes. Whether your loved one did it or not is now irrelevant when it comes to society’s attitudes. A conviction is all that matters. The following tips will help you navigate life while loving a sex offender.

Be cautious with mail: Unless your loved one gives you… Read more