Inmate & Family Issues

Inmate Visitation: If I get to the jail visit late, can I still see my boyfriend?

Things happen: traffic, overtime at work, problems at home, and now you are late to the jail visit to see your inmate. Depending on the mood of the guard and the rules of the jail, the following things might happen:

Turned away: if the guard is in a bad mood, or the jail’s visitation log is especially crowded, you might be turned away completely. Arguing with the guard about… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Prison Visit: I’m Scared-What Should I Expect?

With shows like Lockdown broadcasting from prisons in every state, you can get a good idea what your boyfriend’s life is like in prison, but what’s it like for visitors? There are very few accurate television depictions of visiting a prison. This leaves you to figure it out. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Check the prison website. Most of them will have a visitor handbook for you to read… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Prison Mail: Can I Send Newspaper Articles About His Charges To Him?

If you live in a small town or he is charged with a large crime, there is a good change that at least a blurb if not an entire article has appeared in the local newspaper. It might also be linked to the local news website.  Some inmates would rather not know about their notoriety, while others want copies sent to them in jail. If he wants to see the… Read more


With Boyfriends in Jail or Prison, What Should You Wear to Visit?

Having a boyfriend in jail or prison sets you apart from others. You aren’t single, so hitting the clubs, going on dates or other activities reserved for the unattached are out. Then again, you really aren’t a couple at the moment because he can’t take you out to dinner or go on a double date. It’s no wonder that you look forward to the jail visits with such eagerness. Use… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Parental incarceration: How to tell young children a parent is in jail or prison?

The children know he is gone but they aren’t sure where. Why doesn’t he come home or come to see them? When a parent gets locked up, letting children make their own assumptions is worse than  giving them honest information.  Left to their imagination they might come to believe the parent had died or made the decision to stop loving them and walked away. Here are some ways to let… Read more


A Parent is incarcerated. Can kids visit dads in jail?

When your husband was first arrested you were busy trying to figure out what was going on, but now the children are asking to go see him. It is a personal choice whether or not to take kids to a jail for a visit. If you decide they need to see their dad, the following tips can help it go smoothly.

  • Layered clothing: The visitation areas of the

Your Incarcerated Loved One is a Sex Offender

Society does not like sex offenders, but you love someone who was convicted as one. This puts you in an awkward position sometimes. Whether your loved one did it or not is now irrelevant when it comes to society’s attitudes. A conviction is all that matters. The following tips will help you navigate life while loving a sex offender.

Be cautious with mail: Unless your loved one gives you… Read more


What Does Being In The Hole Mean?

You just got word that your loved on is “in the hole.” What does that mean? It means he or she has been moved to a segregated area of the jail or prison and given a one-person cell. Typically, an inmate is put in the hole as a form of punishment. Being in the hole is like being grounded but on steroids. All contact with other inmates is taken away… Read more