What is a Medical POD?

A medical POD in a county jail is an area where prisoners with medical conditions are incarcerated. In some cases, the inmates have long-term medical conditions. In others it is temporary such as for a severe illness or injury that will be recovered from quickly.

Which inmates get assigned to Medical PODS?

Inmates with injuries or illnesses that are severe enough to make them viewed as weak in… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Can a Terminally Ill Inmate Get Pardoned?

It is devastating to learn that someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. When that person is an inmate, the thought of him dying alone instead of surrounded by family can be very hard to handle.

Fortunately, depending on the severity of the crime and amount of time left on the sentence, pardons are sometimes granted… Read more


Can I Get Medical Care in a County Jail?

No county jail in the USA is allowed to refuse you medical attention if you have a serious or potentially serious medical issue. A few county jails have up-to-date kiosks in each POD that allow inmates to schedule their own medical checkups. Most county jails still require inmates to go through jailers (guards) before they are able to talk to a nurse or a doctor. This can be problematic because… Read more