Can Hospitalized Inmates Have Visitors?

An inmate who is housed with your boyfriend in jail just called, telling you that your boyfriend has been rushed to the hospital. County jails don’t usually notify family members when an inmate is furloughed out to a hospital, but another inmate might let you know what has happened. In most cases, hospitalized inmates are not allowed visitors, but you may have options.

Call the jail administrator: County jails… Read more


Sick in Jail: They Haven’t Let Him See the Doctor

Your guy is sick and getting worse, and so far he has not been allowed to see the nurse or doctor. Every time he calls he sounds terrible. Jails put countless inmates in the same area with little ventilation, and when someone gets sick it is sometimes days, weeks or months until they are seen by a healthcare professional. If he has been trying to seek help to no avail… Read more


Can I Get Medical Care in a County Jail?

No county jail in the USA is allowed to refuse you medical attention if you have a serious or potentially serious medical issue. A few county jails have up-to-date kiosks in each POD that allow inmates to schedule their own medical checkups. Most county jails still require inmates to go through jailers (guards) before they are able to talk to a nurse or a doctor. This can be problematic because… Read more