Inmate & Family Issues

Inmate Visitation Rules: Who can an inmate add to their visiting list?

Outside of federal prison, your husband had lots of friends and family members to socialize with, but now that he has become a federal inmate, the government severely limits who he can and cannot have visit him. The rules are pretty strict and knowing them will help the two of you choose wisely for the approved list.

Federal Bureau of Prisons General Visiting Info

Immediate family members… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

Prison Visit: I’m Scared-What Should I Expect?

With shows like Lockdown broadcasting from prisons in every state, you can get a good idea what your boyfriend’s life is like in prison, but what’s it like for visitors? There are very few accurate television depictions of visiting a prison. This leaves you to figure it out. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Check the prison website. Most of them will have a visitor handbook for you to read… Read more


With Boyfriends in Jail or Prison, What Should You Wear to Visit?

Having a boyfriend in jail or prison sets you apart from others. You aren’t single, so hitting the clubs, going on dates or other activities reserved for the unattached are out. Then again, you really aren’t a couple at the moment because he can’t take you out to dinner or go on a double date. It’s no wonder that you look forward to the jail visits with such eagerness. Use… Read more


A Parent is incarcerated. Can kids visit dads in jail?

When your husband was first arrested you were busy trying to figure out what was going on, but now the children are asking to go see him. It is a personal choice whether or not to take kids to a jail for a visit. If you decide they need to see their dad, the following tips can help it go smoothly.

  • Layered clothing: The visitation areas of the
Inmate Visitation

Can I Visit During A Lock Down At The Jail?

There are few things more difficult than when you’ve rearranged your life to visit your loved one in jail only to arrive and be turned away. Lock downs are frequent occurrences in county jails, and they happen for several reasons. Whether or not you will be able to visit your inmate usually depends on whether the lock down is just for your individual inmate or is for their entire podular… Read more

Inmate Visitation

What If I Can’t Visit an Inmate As Much as I Would Like To?

When someone you love is sent to jail or prison, your instinct is to visit them at every visiting opportunity. The reality in many cases is that it can’t be done. Inmates get moved from prison to prison sometimes. You have children, a job, and social obligations. How do you balance supporting your loved one with visits, while still keeping things together outside?

Visit when you can. Whether you… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

What Do I Say When People Ask if They’re in Prison?

It was difficult enough to face that fact that your loved one was going to jail or prison but with time you accepted it. It can still be awkward when others ask where he or she is. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Good people make bad choices. And it isn’t you who is incarcerated, but that still doesn’t make it easy when the question comes up.


Inmate Visitation

Simple Tips To Follow When Visiting An Inmate

There may be nothing worse than having a friend or family member that is incarcerated, but you can certainly help make them feel better by paying them regular visits. Your whole goal should be to make the visit as smooth and painless as possible, so you really need to acquaint yourself with all of the rules and regulations you need to follow when you are there. The prison system really… Read more