Writing Inmate Pen Pals: My family thinks I’m Crazy but I want to do it anyway!

If you enjoy writing letters and getting letters written to you, inmate pen pals can give you an outlet. Inmates make captive audiences, since they probably aren’t going anywhere soon and they generally love getting mail and making new friends on the outside.  Your family is only concerned for you. Use common sense in choosing and maintaining your pen pal friendships and soon your family members may come around. While… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Writing A Letter To A Prison Inmate

There are many people who will tell you that computers, and specifically e-mail and instant messaging, have killed the art of letter writing. If you ask those same folks how they feel when they receive a letter that has been written to them, though, they will be sure to tell you how nice it feels to know that someone took the time to think about them. Letter writing is far… Read more