Finding a Job after Incarceration Begins in the Mind

I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine, Rhonda Lewis, about getting employed after being in prison and how it relates to being positive and the law of attraction. Rhonda is an aspiring entrepreneur who enjoys cooking. She got her first job the day she was released from prison. Here’s part of her story, in her own words: Continue reading

Incarcerated Women’s Mental Health Challenges

Prior to my incarceration, I had little or no knowledge about mental health conditions that adversely impact women, such as Bulimia, Anorexia, and Cutting. To be honest, I learned what little I did know from various television and talk shows. There was a myth that only Caucasian women were confronted with such ills. Admittedly, some cultures are less likely to accept the need for mental health treatment. For many people, seeking a therapist is a sure sign of inadequacy. They pride themselves on being “strong” and they shun “weakness,” but in order to become a whole and healthy person, sometimes these attitudes need to be overhauled. Continue reading

Women in Reentry – Beatrice Codianni – Teresa Guidice’s Bust

Beatrice Codianni is a 66-year-old woman who served 15 years in prison after her conviction for Racketeering. She was a well-known gang leader who was released in 2008 from FCI Danbury. She went on to successfully reintegrate into the community becoming the Managing Editor of Reentry Central, a national website devoted to criminal justice reform and reentry. Continue reading

Women In Reentry: Overcoming Emotional Deprivation and Vulnerability

Incarceration is traumatic. For women it’s particularly emotionally damaging. I guess if it’s true that women are emotional creatures by nature that would explain the damages to some extent. We do know that women are nurturers by nature. When women are in prison they are deprived of the opportunity to nurture their children, spouses and even their pets. Continue reading

Hope Is Essential While Serving Time In Prison

Someone once told me that they saw a sign inside of a prison where they were housed that read, “Welcome to Hell. Leave all of your hopes and dreams behind.” I couldn’t phantom something so cruel. Why would someone create and post a sign like that? How many inmates internalize such notions? I can only imagine the number of people who lose sight of their dreams when they are confined in such a dismal place. Continue reading

The Execution of Larry Griffin and What it Meant to Others

Stories about the experiences of serving time with men who are on death row always incite my compassion. I have learned about friendships on death row, and I try to imagine what it’s like to live in such close proximity with someone you know who is scheduled to die by execution at any given time. It’s made me wonder how individuals who are housed with Death Row Inmates are impacted by the constant threat of death that hovers over them. Continue reading