Drug Abuse, Criminality and Recovery

I have been reflecting on drug abuse and criminality over the last few days. When I was incarcerated I saw countless women recycled throughout the prison system on violations due to relapse and probation/parole violations. Today I often see many of those women still struggling with the grip of addiction. I find myself wondering what they are running from, what they are trying to bury, and what are they searching for. Continue reading

Honoring Formerly Incarcerated Individuals at CSOSA

Yesterday I attended a Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) award ceremony in Washington, D.C. for Returning Citizens who are making strides to successfully reintegrate and for mentors who are working tirelessly to make a positive difference in the lives of formerly incarcerated men and women. Various city officials were charged with nominating a Returning Citizen for an award. I was one of the recipients. Continue reading

Handling Death after Incarceration

It was in February 2015 that I lost my niece. She was 41 years old. We were more like sisters because we were born one month apart. My family members tell stories about how babysitting me and my niece (my oldest sister’s daughter) was like babysitting twins because we both would cry at the same time. Throughout my life we were inseparable. Then, I went to prison. Continue reading