Women, Re-entry and Everyday Life: Time to Work?

Yesterday I attended a training with the theme of women and reentry entitled, Women, Re-entry and Everyday Life: Time to Work? Dr. Venezia Michalsen facilitated the event. The training was based on a research study conducted by the Women’s Prison Association (WPA) to determine how the use of time after incarceration impacts reentry and employment for women. It was awesome. Dr. Michalsen was a magnificent speaker. Continue reading

Wrongful Convictions: Innocent People Serving Time

Lately I’ve been watching videos about the exoneration of Derrick Wheat, Laurese Glover and Eugene Johnson, three young men recently released after serving 20 years in prison for a murder they didn’t commit. Their release has piqued my curiosity and I found myself watching countless other videos and reading articles about other individuals, such as Ricky Johnson, who were wrongly convicted. Continue reading

Coping with Mother’s Day When You Have Been Incarcerated

Around the time of Mother’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on my anti-social responses to such events. During my incarceration I learned to accept my inability to be with my family during special occasions. In fact, I became complacent, maybe even numb, about emotional needs that are often filled by spending time with loved ones. Continue reading