Role Models and Their Impact on My Criminality and Reentry

My name is Curtis Brothers. Growing up I had guys in my neighborhood that tried to tell me to do the right thing in life, but I always let their advice slip in one ear and out of the other. These guys were the worst role models ever. I guess they were living by that old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do” because they used to tell me to go to school and stay out of trouble, all while they were standing on the block selling drugs. I looked up to those guys. I wanted to be like them. Continue reading

Women in Reentry – Beatrice Codianni – Teresa Guidice’s Bust

Beatrice Codianni is a 66-year-old woman who served 15 years in prison after her conviction for Racketeering. She was a well-known gang leader who was released in 2008 from FCI Danbury. She went on to successfully reintegrate into the community becoming the Managing Editor of Reentry Central, a national website devoted to criminal justice reform and reentry. Continue reading

What is Reentry Like for Recovering Drug Addicts?

Yesterday I spend some time with the women currently housed at the Reentry Sanctions Center (RSC), a program that is overseen by the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) for the District of Columbia. The RSC is a residential program that provides high-risk offenders and parole violators with an intensive assessment and treatment. Based on the results from these individualized assessments, clients are referred to an in-patient or out-patient drug treatment program and into transitional housing. Continue reading

Available Resources for Incarcerated Women

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to the women currently incarcerated in the Secure Female Facility Hazelton (SFF) through video conferencing. I was one of several panelists who spoke to the women about the available resources in the District of Columbia that can assist them with reentry. Continue reading