Coping with Mother’s Day When You Have Been Incarcerated

Around the time of Mother’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on my anti-social responses to such events. During my incarceration I learned to accept my inability to be with my family during special occasions. In fact, I became complacent, maybe even numb, about emotional needs that are often filled by spending time with loved ones. Continue reading

Missing Phyllis Hardy: Remembering a Senior Citizen in Prison

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and as the Christmas holiday draws near, I can’t help but think about a women I left behind in federal prison. When I was incarcerated the most exciting time during this time of year was New Year’s Eve. That day marks the end of a long arduous 365 day cycle and brings most inmates closer to release. When I went to prison in 1993 I never imagined I would endure over 6,750 days in prison. Continue reading

Speaking About Mother’s Day in Prison

Roach Brown, a radio personality on 89.3 FM,, reached out to me and asked me to come on his show and speak about what it means to be a mother in prison on Mother’s Day. I was reluctant. I thought that he was looking for a compelling story about how sad it was every year on the second Sunday in May as mother’s day came and went. Continue reading

There Are No Holidays in Prison and That’s Just Fine

With the Summer Holidays coming to an End and the Winter Holidays Approaching I can’t help but reflect on how I spent my Labor Day Holiday.

I am Lashonia Etheridge-Bey. I survived 18.5 years of incarceration. I say that not as a badge of honor, or as a victim, but simply as one fact of my life. At age 39 I guess it’s safe to say I spent ½ my life in prison. Continue reading