Disclosing a Criminal Past

Yesterday, on Thursday, July 9th at 7:00pm, I participated in a special program with a local radio and television station, WHUR, HUR-Voices, and WHUT-TV. We had a thought provoking conversation about how to combat youth violence. The panel discussion entitled, ‘Not One More’ provided me with an opportunity to share my personal experiences as a rebellious youth who committed some very serious violent crimes at the age of 19. Continue reading

The Stigma of Prison, from the Gavel to the Grave

I went to Hawaii for vacation last week. That place is everything I dreamed it would be. I loved the blue water and the Aloha spirit that emanated all round me, but something upsetting happened there I wanted to share with you. I have served my time and completed my parole stipulations, yet I am still threatened by the sting of stigma, and this followed me to Hawaii. Continue reading

My Brother Was Robbed and I Started Questioning Everything

When I was preparing to be released from incarceration I decided to relocate. Rather than return to the District of Columbia where I was born and raised, I made plans to go to Richmond, Virginia to live with my daughter. There’s a saying, “If you want to get a good laugh tell God your plans.” My relocation was denied by the authorities. Continue reading

Post-Incarceration: Part of Freedom is Pushing Yourself in New Directions

Early this morning as I sat at my dining room table drinking my coffee, trying to prepare myself for the day ahead, I found myself reflecting on my days in prison. It’s been almost three years and I still feel like I’m in the initial stages of reentry. I’m looking forward to the day when this will all feel normal: waking up in the free world with a ton of choices to make and no longer being affected by my distant past in prison. Continue reading