Is the Search for Happiness after Incarceration Harder?

Someone asked me recently, “How are Returning Citizens different from the ordinary person in regard to the search for happiness?” Happiness is one of the most important elements of existence. One doesn’t have to be incarcerated to experience poverty, degradation and/or oppression, but if you are in prison, the chances that you will face such tragic circumstances are greater, and this can influence happiness. Continue reading

Mentally Arrested

I have a friend who was incarcerated for 16 years. He has been home for over a decade. Last week he celebrated his 45th birthday. He partied for two weeks straight. I joked, “You are partying like you just came home.” He replied, “I’ve been home for 10 years and I’m still a lover of life…. Sometimes when I’m in the club I still have those moments when Continue reading