Women Involved in Reentry Efforts on Sirius XM Radio – Station 141

Renee Nash, Director of Information and Public Affairs for WHUR has invited 3 women of The W.I.R.E. – Women Involved in Reentry Efforts (Lashonia Etheridge-Bey, Trina Robinson, and Stephanie M. Johnson) to be featured on Sirius XM Radio: Station 141. The Show entitled “The Sighlent Storm” is a broadcasted nationally. Tomorrow the women of the W.I.R.E. will be on the air at 10:00 until 11:00 tomorrow Saturday, July 19th. We will be discussing aspects of domestic violence and how it contributes to the incarceration rate among women.

The show can also be heard online at www.whurworld.com



About Lashonia Etheridge-Bey

Lashonia Etheridge-Bey is a Public Speaker who can candidly and articulately speak to the consequences of youth violence, the effects of incarceration and the challenges of reentry into society. Read Lashonia's Full BIO Here 

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