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Understanding How Your Online Reputation Works

Do you know what your online reputation is? If you Google your name, do you see praise and applause or a wanted poster? You need to know what information is available about you and how that information can affect your daily life. Your reputation and available jobs. You may have spent years working to get superior grades in high school or college. No matter how hard you have worked, or how good a GPA you have, the posts that show ... Read More

How Important Is My Online Profile?

Managing your online profile is something many people didn't really think about until fairly recently. Before the advent of online social media relationships, most job seekers didn't have to worry about employers asking the question, "Who am I hiring to my company?" Unfortunately, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, etc, all of the shenanigans you got into before graduation from high school, whether it was drama resulting from romantic relationships ... Read More

The Cost and Expense Drivers of Online Reputation Management

With the power and reach of the Internet today, it's very easy to find personal information on a given individual with just a few terms on a major search engine. As a result, one's online reputation is now becoming just as important and life-influencing as a real-time, personal reputation. However, while a given piece of information may not necessarily be easy to remove from the Internet, there are ways to make it harder to find on a search ... Read More

Can Websites Publish My Mug Shot Online?

It can feel like a bucket of cold water thrown in your face. You are Googling yourself, whether for fun or in preparation for a job hunt, and there it is: the mug shot from a minor crime you were arrested for years ago. Is this even legal? The truth is, there is not yet a clear, nationwide legal consensus about whether it is okay to publish arrest records online. Florida, for instance, has notoriously open public records laws, and people in government ... Read More

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Mug Shot From The Internet?

Unfortunately for celebrities and convicted felons, mug shots are exactly the type of incriminating evidence that wind up online. A mug shot provides busybodies something to gossip about, especially if a person has a juicy arrest record. However, it can be detrimental for someone who's trying to look for a job because so many employers won't hire felons who have committed a specific crime. Some people have taken the opportunity to create services ... Read More

Can Negative Things About Me Online be Removed?

An America of Second Chances. There are very few of us that reach adulthood without some things in our past that we hope never become public knowledge. Whether it was a teenage prank before graduation that got a weekend in jail with a mugshot or a DUI arrest, things from the past can be an issue today and affect jobs, relationships and careers. While this is a country known for giving people a second chance, unanswered bad news about your past ... Read More

Should I Respond To Negative Things About Me Online?

It can be very tempting to want to defend yourself online when people are saying negative things about you. However, deciding to fight back against comments can only increase the negative effects. First, it gives people who are trying to harm your reputation, your job prospects and your relationships fuel to keep the fire going. If you don't respond, they have no reason to continue to make negative posts. Second, your defenses actually wind up making ... Read More

Where Can I Find a FREE Analysis of My Online Profile?

Life sometimes takes sudden and unexpected turns for the worse due to uncontrollable circumstances. Other times it results from hanging out with the wrong crowd, posting inflammatory statements and photos on Facebook, or excessive drinking that escalates into domestic violence and court orders of protection. You may have changed your behavior and put this behind you. The issue is that a large percentage of information remains active on the net for ... Read More

How Long Does It Take To Clean Up My Online Presence?

It only takes a moment to turn your life upside down--an arrest, a DUI, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause you to experience trouble with your career and personal relationships. Even worse, if information about your misfortune makes it to the internet, it could be broadcast to millions of people in a millisecond. When you see your name being dragged down online, it's natural to want to get started now on cleaning it up. Unfortunately, cleaning ... Read More

How to Avoid Being Scammed with Reputation Management

For many people, one of the most daunting aspects of dealing with their online identity doesn't involve what information they want to give about themselves, but rather, what information they don't want others to be given. Trying to recover from a bad mark on your record can be stressful and seem like a hopeless task, but reputation management is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many effective techniques that anybody can employ to improve their online ... Read More


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