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Are There Free Tools So I Can Do My Own Online Reputation Management

Internet reputation management is simply the process of ensuring that your web presence is a positive one. This means that those that search for you through a search engine should be presented with only positive information about you. There are a few free tools that you can use to manage your reputation, and some that offer refunds for unsatisfactory work as well.

Google Alerts is a very simple tool that will send you an alert through various methods any time something changes about your online reputation. This means that Google will regularly check on the results that are returned regarding your online reputation and, if there are significant changes, you can receive an email, text message or some other form of notice. You can also select the frequency of these alerts. Google also offers apps that can be very valuable for this purpose.

MonitorThis is a program that's intended for those that have a company but it can also be used by individuals. This program looks through a huge variety of search engines to see if anyone has mentioned you by name, or has mentioned your company if you have one. MonitorThis can be very useful for those who just want to see if there is activity out there about them.

Are There Free Tools So I Can Do My Own Online Reputation Managementjulos/iStockphoto
There are many companies that can give you a fast and free analysis and no cost evaluation of where your online reputation is at presently. This will allow you to determine whether there is information about you already so that you can get started now with your reputation managing system. Calling the phone number posted on this page is a great first step for those that are new to managing their reputation and gives better data than a simple Google search.

SocialMention is a unique tool that specifically looks for references through social media. SocialMention is an excellent free tool for those that want to make sure that their reputation is positive throughout media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Many employers, prospective clients and just casual friends will look you up on social media, so it's very important that you make sure that your reputation on these websites is good.

Having a good web reputation is absolutely essential for the purposes of your career and social life. Many employers will search for you before a job offer, and many jobs will not want to hire you if they find you have had an arrest or spent a significant amount of time in jail. If you're currently asking yourself "What is the cheapest way to secure my future, my company and my relationships?" the answer may very well be to remove all negative references from the web. This often takes time, but it's always worthwhile.


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