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Avoid Reputation Management Scams

When an Internet search of your name turns up information you'd rather nobody see, don't panic. Take a deep breath and resist the urge to click on the first reputation management company that pops up on the screen.

Why Does It Sound Too Good to Be True?

While these types of companies can be perfectly legitimate, they are also sometimes too eager to take on the task of improving your online presence. Beware of companies that charge a high price and make a lot of empty promises, such as guaranteeing that they'll remove all negative information about you from the Internet forever. Promises like these are almost always impossible to follow through on, and while it is possible to improve your online reputation, it takes time and persistence to do so. Companies that promise a new you in as little as 30 days are very likely working scams that come with a high cost attached to their magic cures.

How Can I Tell If a Company is Legit?

The best way to protect yourself against companies making false claims is to do a little research in the field of online reputation management. Once you understand how the process works, it will be more difficult for companies to mislead you into paying them for services they have no intention of providing.

Avoid Reputation Management Scamsstuartmiles99/iStockphoto
The most effective method of getting rid of negative information is to create new, positive information to take its place. Legitimate reputation management companies do this several ways:

  • by building websites around your name and linking them to social networking sites they've created with the express purpose of making you look good,
  • by having you update these sites regularly with posts and tweets that portray you in a positive light,
  • by using this information about you to saturate the Internet and push the old, negative stuff farther and farther down in the search results where it becomes more difficult to find

How Long Should It Take?

It can take months to suppress an old arrest or DUI to the point where few will see it. Companies that promise to do it in less time are likely ripoffs. Don't give up, however, once you understand what a company needs to do to fix your reputation, it's easier to find one that delivers.

Your past mistakes don't have to be the topic of choice at your son's graduation or your daughter's wedding.By doing a little research on reputation repair before you commit, you'll find a reputable company that gets results.


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