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Can I Get A Refund If A Company Does A Bad Job Cleaning Up Negative Things About Me Online?

Hiring a company to hide or remove negative entries from search engines can be an expensive commitment. If you have made this investment, but are still looking atthe search engine results and thinking, "this cannot be good for my future" or "my company is going to fire me" it may be time to find out what you can do about a company that has failed to do its job.

Review what waspromised.

A reputable company should give a clear and detailed list of what they offer. Some services, for instance, specialize in creating high-profile positive pages that can push damaging ones low enough in search engine results that casual users will not find them. Others negotiate with mug shot sites to get your pictures and charges removed from the site and blocked from Google's listings.Stay away from places that make vague promises about improved results without enumerating the benefits of using their services.

Your agreement should indicate what your recourse is if they are unable to help. Some places offer an unconditional money-back guarantee and refunds of all fees. Others will only guarantee their work for a set period of time, such as 90 days.

Revisit your free analysis.

Can I Get A Refund If A Company Does A Bad Job Cleaning Up Negative Things About Me Online?fenkep/iStockphoto
A good company will also offer a no cost evaluation before they start so that they can tell you what is possible and what is not. For instance, they may have connections that can help them remove arrest records and jail photos from mug shot site. For other results such as news stories, the companymay be able to fill the search engine results with more positive entries so that the damaging ones fall off the front page. Check to see if they did what they said was possible.

If they've failed, contact customer service to look for a refund if the company has not done what they have promised. If necessary, let them know that you will contact the Better Business Bureau or even contact the press.

Negative reports about you online can keep you from getting jobs, keep you from progressing in your career, and can even damage yourrelationships. It takes time for reputation management to do its job. Get started now and protect your future.


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