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Can Negative Things About Me Online be Removed?

An America of Second Chances

There are very few of us that reach adulthood without some things in our past that we hope never become public knowledge. Whether it was a teenage prank before graduation that got a weekend in jail with a mugshot or a DUI arrest, things from the past can be an issue today and affect jobs, relationships and careers. While this is a country known for giving people a second chance, unanswered bad news about your past can create definite problems.

Unfortunately, the reality of today’s online environment and the widespread use of search engines such as Google make it possible for anyone to post just about anything about individuals. Many items are published as a part of a public process and others are specifically targeted to hurt you, with no concern about your job or career. When your mugshot shows up online it can hurt your relationships and job without you even knowing what is going on.

If you are one of those who has had problems in the past and have taken advantage of your second chance to build a business or good career, you simply can’t afford to have an old DUI plastered online for all your customers to see when they go online to Google you. The heart-sinking feeling that comes when you see negative information posted leaves you asking questions about your options and how such information can be removed.

The New Science and Art of Reputation Management

Can Negative Things About Me Online be Removed?PashaIgnatov/iStockphoto
The positive news is that online resources are available to help with this problem and to deal with old issues in your life that show up online. These negative items can be handled if steps are taken with the right online reputation management firm. The process used takes time and you need to get started now to address the problem.

The reputation management field has grown significantly in the past few years and they have a number of techniques that can be effective. A reputable firm will provide a free analysis of your online presence and a no cost evaluation of what actions should be taken. The goals of the processes they employ are the elimination of or the lowering of the search engine ranking for the disparaging information that concerns you.

At the same time, an online reputation management firm will advise you on what steps not to take that might seem instinctive but can make the problem worse. While the Internet makes it possible to have negative information made more visible, it also provides effective ways with which to remove or deal with it.


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