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How Can I Keep People From Seeing Negative Stuff About My Past Online?

There is no denying that having a run-in with the law puts a bit of a dent on your personal background. Even though the arrest and the resulting charge was minor, it is going to affect your life going forward. Having a record makesan impact on your career, future jobs and your relationships with your employers.

Youthink that the information is only supposedto be found through a private background check, but think again. All of the information about your arrest or jail time is available online for anyone to find.It feels likeyou go from being a trustworthy individual to someone to be treated with suspicion all because someone searched the Internet and found your arrest for DUI. You get to a point where you wonder why you bothered to go to college and reach graduation only to have all of that work sunk for one infraction.

The worst thing about your arrest record being available online is that anyone can look it up. It only takes the effort of typing your name into a search engine to find your past. So, how exactly do you get rid of this information so that no one can find your past arrestonline?

How Can I Keep People From Seeing Negative Stuff About My Past Online?scanrail/iStockphoto
Eliminating your negative information from online searches is known as reputation management. It's not easy, takes time and requires a lot of work on your part. You have to seek out every last website that your information is posted on, then ask for the information to be removed. Never, ever pay a cent to have something such as a mugshot taken off a website. There is nothing that stops the site owner from starting a new website, putting your mugshot up on that one, then trying to get money out of you once again.

Ask yourself if you've got the time to find every last website with your information on it, ask for removal and make attempts to elevate positive information about yourself. If the answer is no, then it's time to talk to a reputation management company. Don't wait to clear your name from the Internet; get started now and take advantage of the free analysis that does a preliminary check for the information about you online.

Reputation management looks for your name online and takes steps to counteract the negative information. The end result is that you don't have to worry about someone finding your past with just a click of the mouse. A no cost evaluation is available so you know just how much work it's going to take to clear your name from the search engines.


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