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How to Evaluate the Excellence of a Reputation Management Company

Businesses, owners, managers, and even common people will benefit from reputation management service for their career. Most importantly, if you have a criminal record or at least had a quick brush with the law, a reputation management company can enhance your online presence, save relationships, and get you jobs. However, you should not only go for any company without evaluating their services.

Employers today can easily find out your little misdemeanor online when you were young – even before you had your high school graduation. This can be devastating on your career even though it was a DUI before graduation or a small offense. Removing this particular information about your past takes time but it does not mean it is impossible especially with the help of a good reputation management company such as brand.com.

You should be careful in selecting a reputation management company. Here are some questions to answer as you choose:

  • Does the company have good reputation? Are the reviews about them from credible people?
  • How is their career performing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other online search engines? How about their reputation management services? Can they be compared to well-known sites such as brand.com?
  • Does the company offer information about their people and their credentials? Is it run by career-oriented professionals?
  • Do they know what they are talking about? Do they have a blog, published articles, or any supporting information about reputation management?
How to Evaluate the Excellence of a Reputation Management CompanyMikhail Mishchenko/iStockphoto
Building reputation for your career especially in the online world takes time. The company you choose should at least perform and accomplish the following:

  • Identity assessment
  • Personal brand construction
  • Ongoing research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website development
  • Issuing press releases
Other Factors to Consider

Aside from the services, you should also look at how much they charge. This is actually important because if they quote a very high price, it may be time to shop somewhere else. Be wary of those who charge low too. Reputation management is a lot of work, so it is impossible for them to ask for low fees. Often, it is better if they offer tiered pricing system where simple services are much affordable than extensive ones.

Your online reputation has the ability to make or break you particularly in a huge career move. Do not leave it to chance for people to stumble upon your name online. Get started now and contact a reputation management company to push the negativity away and help you defend your image.


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