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Understanding How Your Online Reputation Works

Do you know what your online reputation is? If you Google your name, do you see praise and applause or a wanted poster? You need to know what information is available about you and how that information can affect your daily life.

Your reputation and available jobs

You may have spent years working to get superior grades in high school or college. No matter how hard you have worked, or how good a GPA you have, the posts that show you dancing in your underwear may not help you get that management job. If you want to work as an underwear model, go ahead and post some more.

If you received a DUI and the information shows up on Google, it will hurt your reputation. If the incident was years ago, you can improve your standing with an employer by showing your sobriety. Multiple recent charges may prevent you from even getting an interview.

Your reputation and college plans

Understanding how Your Reputation Worksmarekuliasz/iStockphoto
If you plan to attend college after high school graduation, your reputation may well be part of your acceptance to your chosen school. It can also close the doors that would otherwise be open. Google searches on candidates are common. You need to know what that reputation is in order to control it.

Your reputation and relationships

If you are single, a negative reputation may keep you single. Many individuals use the Internet to gain information on potential partners before they get serious. If incorrect or damaging information is widely available, you chances of finding a partner can be diminished.

Steps to manage your reputation

Managing your reputation can be performed in multiple ways. According to Forbes.com, managing your reputation is an ongoing process. You must continuously monitor the information. You can do this yourself or have a company work on your behalf.

You must continue to highlight the positive and minimize the negative. When you run across the negative, deal with it quickly. Forbes does state that you must assess what the damage really is, to determine the right way of correcting it. Everyone makes mistakes; you may be able to put yours in a positive light.

When is comes to reputation management, the sooner you start, the sooner you can solve problems that could cause difficulties with your career or your relationships. It takes time to undo damage, get started now and put the past behind you. We can help you understand and untangle the web of your reputation.


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