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Who Are the Best Online Reputation Management Consultants Available?

There are plenty of reputation management companies out there, but what makes them good or bad? Some offer no cost evaluation help, and the free best companies might even say they can better your reputation overnight. But what are the real qualities you should look for?

The Company Doesn't Lie

The first thing you need to be sure of is a company's honesty. If you're trying to fix your reputation, signing up with a company that can't be truthful is a major mistake. The company will have to use search engines to complete an analysis of your reputation, and you don't want to find out that they made it sound worse or better than it really is.

They Look to the Long Term

When it comes down to it, your future income and relationships could rely on your online reputation. A free analysis, for example, might tell you your short-term outlook, but what good will that do in five to ten years? A company with an eye on your future will make preemptive strikes; they will tell you what you need to do to continue to maintain a positive reputation in the future.

No "Black-Hat" Methods

Who Are the Best Online Reputation Management Consultants Available?arcady_31/iStockphoto
If you're trying to repair a poor reputation, using black-hat methods to get noticed can hurt you. Burying bad press by adding good press higher on the search engine through unethical means isn't right, and no company should suggest it. Repairing your reputation takes time, and although you might argue that "my company is my future, and I need to do what I can now," it's not the best choice.

Play by the Rules

The cheapest options and software don't always play by the rules. Nor do they offer refunds most of the time. If you've spend time in jail or have to look for a job after an arrest, you know that playing by the rules is the only thing that will keep you out of trouble. Apply this knowledge to the rest of your online life. Your reputation is of value and can be repaired, and there are tools to do it. There may be options to remove some items on Google or other search engines that hurt your reputation for example, but the company helping you needs to be sure that they follow the rules, or you could get in trouble.

Clear and Direct Understanding and Directions

Looking for jobs after being in jail or being arrested is sometimes hard. There are apps to help repair you online reputation, which can help potential employers or customers find your business. You're looking to make a career, so a good company will be sure to walk you through the steps of repairing your reputation without confusing you or taking you the long way around. You can get started now, and a great company will show you exactly what to do.


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