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Steps To Take To Improve Your Company's Brand Online

All it takes is one angry or extremely unsatisfied customer to instantly start seeing negative reviews and comments popping up all over the Internet about your business. Negative Facebook comments and statuses, Twitter tweets, and reviews on review websites can all quickly damage a company's brand and image.

If, as a business owner, you have found your company facing numerous negative posts and comments, do not sit back and let your business's brand be impacted. There are a number of things you can do to help improve your company's brand online, but you have to be proactive not reactive.

Take to Facebook/Twitter and Start Interacting with Customers

The instinct to bury your head in the sand and hide when negative reviews and comments start popping up might be great, but you have to fight that instinct. Instead, take to social media outlets and platforms and start interacting with the customers you have friended or followed your business.

Interactions on Facebook and Twitter can come in a variety of forms. You can post photos or statuses and request others to comment with their opinions or reactions. You can comment on posts left on your company's Facebook wall or re-tweet funny or relevant tweets from other users.

These interactions will not erase the negative comments and reviews, but it will help portray your business as friendly, customer-oriented, and approachable. This type of branding will not counteract the bad, but it can help dramatically improve how your company is viewed by potential customers.

Encourage Customers to Share Their Positive Experiences

Steps To Take To Improve Your Company's Brand OnlineSilense/iStockphoto
Before making a purchase or choosing to use a particular business, people often turn to the Internet for information. Negative reviews and comments hurt a company's brand and drive potential customers away. A way to improve a company's brand or image so customers chose them over the competition is with positive reviews.

Businesses can encourage existing customers to take to the Internet and share their positive experiences. This will help improve a company's brand better than anything the actual business can say or do, because it is coming from independent and unbiased sources.

Ways to encourage customers to leave feedback or comments about their experiences include:
  • Sending a follow-up email after purchases
  • Asking through comments/posts on Facebook or Twitter
  • Reminding customers when they write in to share their experiences on social media pages or review sites
The value placed on a company's brand or image online is priceless, so do not let negative reviews or comments destroy it. Taking these steps to improving a company's brand image online is the best way to fight against negative comments or reviews.


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