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  • Planning for the Future of Your Business with Business Reputation Management

    Just 10 years ago, a business's reputation could be closely monitored and controlled with the help of a public relations expert. Sitting comfortably behind his or her own desk, this individual controlled what was said about a particular company in print magazines, newspapers, and on the radio or TV – then the Internet took off.

    The Internet has dramatically changed how business owners approach business reputation management. Giving customers the freedom to post reviews on blogs and review sites has forced businesses to be proactive instead of reactive to customer feedback – especially the negative ones.

    No longer can a company sit back, allow a customer to post about negative experiences/encounters, and hope to sweep it under the rug. Current, and future, changes to business reputation management address businesses needs in the ever changing world that is the Internet.

    A Look to the Future of Business Reputation Management

    The future of business reputation management lies in getting customers to take an active role in building up a business's reputation. Posting about positive experiences, asking questions on social media outlets, and interacting through comments with the business can positively influence how potential and current customers perceive a particular business.

    Planning for the Future of Your Business with Business Reputation Management TonisPan/iStockphoto
    Giving businesses the option to have some control over what is said and posted about them online is another possible option for the future of business reputation management. Businesses will be able to create a main account on a review site or social media platform that allows them to have access to a wide range of tools.

    These tools can help businesses hide negative reviews, respond to reviews that have wrong information, or delete reviews that are obviously false or placed there by competitors. Access to these tools allows businesses to have some control over what people see and read about their particular company.

    The Importance of Business Reputation Management

    Business owners often believe that having great customer service and offering a superior product or service is enough to keep customers coming back time and time again, but it might not be.

    A recent survey from Nielsen's indicated that 70% of consumers reported taking/trusting a stranger's opinion or review online into account before making a purchase. That means one or two negative reviews that are strongly worded or emotional could be enough to send potential and existing customers to competitors.

    Businesses need to have some way to control or monitor what is said about them and business reputation management is the answer. Read More
  • Steps To Take To Improve Your Company's Brand Online

    All it takes is one angry or extremely unsatisfied customer to instantly start seeing negative reviews and comments popping up all over the Internet about your business. Negative Facebook comments and statuses, Twitter tweets, and reviews on review websites can all quickly damage a company's brand and image.

    If, as a business owner, you have found your company facing numerous negative posts and comments, do not sit back and let your business's brand be impacted. There are a number of things you can do to help improve your company's brand online, but you have to be proactive not reactive.

    Take to Facebook/Twitter and Start Interacting with Customers

    The instinct to bury your head in the sand and hide when negative reviews and comments start popping up might be great, but you have to fight that instinct. Instead, take to social media outlets and platforms and start interacting with the customers you have friended or followed your business.

    Interactions on Facebook and Twitter can come in a variety of forms. You can post photos or statuses and request others to comment with their opinions or reactions. You can comment on posts left on your company's Facebook wall or re-tweet funny or relevant tweets from other users.

    These interactions will not erase the negative comments and reviews, but it will help portray your business as friendly, customer-oriented, and approachable. This type of branding will not counteract the bad, but it can help dramatically improve how your company is viewed by potential customers.

    Encourage Customers to Share Their Positive Experiences

    Steps To Take To Improve Your Company's Brand OnlineSilense/iStockphoto
    Before making a purchase or choosing to use a particular business, people often turn to the Internet for information. Negative reviews and comments hurt a company's brand and drive potential customers away. A way to improve a company's brand or image so customers chose them over the competition is with positive reviews.

    Businesses can encourage existing customers to take to the Internet and share their positive experiences. This will help improve a company's brand better than anything the actual business can say or do, because it is coming from independent and unbiased sources.

    Ways to encourage customers to leave feedback or comments about their experiences include:
    • Sending a follow-up email after purchases
    • Asking through comments/posts on Facebook or Twitter
    • Reminding customers when they write in to share their experiences on social media pages or review sites
    The value placed on a company's brand or image online is priceless, so do not let negative reviews or comments destroy it. Taking these steps to improving a company's brand image online is the best way to fight against negative comments or reviews. Read More
  • How Online Reviews Can Destroy A Company's Reputation

    When business owners see a negative review written about their company they tend to brush it off. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion and what impact can a negative review really have on a business? The answer to that is a lot.

    Negative reviews can destroy a company's reputation beyond repair. Current clients will stop calling and potential customers will choose a competitor over the negatively reviewed company.

    However, if the negative reviews are handled in a timely and proper manner, the damage to a company's reputation can be avoided. Proper handling of negative reviews impacts a company's reputation almost as much as the negative review itself.

    How Damaging can Online Reviews be to a Company's Reputation?

    Customers rely upon the information in online reviews to form an opinion on an unknown business. A survey in 2012 conducted by Nielsen suggests that 70% of global consumers rely upon and trust online consumer reviews from social media and review sites before making purchases.

    How Online Reviews Can Destroy A Company's Reputation IvelinRadkov/iStockphoto
    A company's reputation is at stake when so many individuals around the world rely upon online reviews to make a purchasing decision. A handful of strongly worded, emotional negative reviews can drive customers away and into the waiting arms of a competitor.

    Positive or neutral customer reviews may be able to counteract the negative reviews, but the truth is people are more likely to talk about negative experiences than positive ones. An unsatisfied or angry customer is likely to tell 10 individuals about their experience, as opposed to the 3 a happy/satisfied customer will tell.

    The same is true online, as unsatisfied or angry customers will likely voice their opinions more than happy customers.

    How to Reverse the Harm Done by Negative Online Reviews

    Considering the potential impact reviews online can have on a company's reputation it is best to know how to handle them in such a situation. Business owners need to be proactive in how they respond to online reviews, not reactive.

    Some of the possible ways to handle online reviews include:
    • Responding in a professional manner to negative reviews and offering to rectify the situation
    • Asking satisfied customers to share their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, or review sites
    • Creating a business reputation management strategy that works to improve customer opinions
    • Interacting with customers through Twitter or Facebook
    Online reviews have the potential to destroy your company's reputation, but only if you let them. Taking action when a negative review is posted can help save or repair your company's reputation. Read More
  • Is There Software I Can Use To Eliminate Negative Search Engine Results About Me?

    Recently released inmates find it hard to find jobs because search engines are being used to screen job applicants. Your online reputation depends on where your name ranks in search results. If your mug shot or arrest report is number one on a Google search of your name, your reputation is not good.

    Enter your name into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or AOL and you will see your ranking. Next, you want to know:

    Is there a software I can buy to eliminate negative search engine results about me?

    There are software packages available that monitor the web for your name or brand. Anytime either is used, you receive an alert. This way you know what is being said and when. The software lets you protect your reputation and knock the less favorable items go away. It takes time to build or rebuild a reputation. Reputation management packages are available to individuals who want to manage the use of their name or brand by themselves. There are also companies you pay to get rid of the negative information by replacing it with positive. Which option is best for consumers?

    Free downloads and apps to improve your search rankings positively

    Downloadable reputation packages are free in many instances. The packages usually provide basic tools for managing your reputation:
    • In depth web search with multiple engines, like Google
    • Alerts anytime your name or brand appear on the internet
    • Templates for articles, blogs and social media posts to enhance your reputation
    • Instructions for back linking and search optimization
    Reputation building companies have more resources and, for the not-so-savvy internet surfer, are worth looking into. You get these services:
    • No cost evaluation
    • Deeper web search using every available engine
    • Unique blogging, articles, tweets and Facebook posts
    • Professional back linking
    Be aware of unscrupulous reputation managers who
    • Offer every service available for the cheapest price
    • Send unsolicited mail offering to remove your mug shot or record for a fixed price
    • Do not offer refunds after a trial period
    • Refuse to run a free analysis before you commit to their service
    Deleting your name from the internet is not possible at this time. However, the ways described here will move the posts you do not want off the pages people actually read. What are left on the two pages people read are everyday Facebook and Twitter posts.

    "This is my future and my company, how can I rebuild a positive internet reputation?"  Take control now to end the frustration.

    To begin building the reputation you need to live a productive life out of jail, get started now. The sooner you begin managing what websites say about you, the sooner you will begin moving toward better relationships and more career choices. Read More
  • How do I Control What People See About Me Online?

    Unfortunately, you do not have 100% control over what people can see about you online. Social media, mugshot websites, niche search engines and public records websites will turn up awkward graduation photos, arrest mugshots, court records, or even an idle comment made in jest. If you have been charged with any type of misdemeanor or federal offense, negative online information will make it very difficult or even impossible to find good jobs or resurrect your existing career. It can also have a negative effect on your relationships, college or university applications, loans applications and/or the ability to rent a home or apartment in a nice area of town.

    Thankfully, there are some ways in which you can control what people do and do not see about you online. Following are some simple yet highly effective ways in which you can do this.

    Clean up Your Social Media Accounts

    It is not uncommon for a potential employer to ask a job applicant for access to his or her Facebook page. Other social media accounts can be accessed without one's permission or even prior knowledge. Consider what you have posted on your social media accounts and take down comments and/or photos that would put you in a bad light.

    Target Mugshot Photo Websites

    How do I Control What People See About Me Online?HulioPics/iStockphoto
    Mugshot photo websites make very large sums of money by posting mugshot photos of those who have been arrested for a crime. These sites not only fail to note if you have been cleared of criminal charges but also post photos of people convicted of lighter offenses such as DUI next to photos of child abusers and murderers.

    Thankfully, many states do not permit third party sites to put up your photo without your permission. Find out where the site is based out of and consider pressing charges if the site operator is behaving in an illegal manner. You can also file a complaint with the site's hosting service; this information can be found for free via a simple Google search.

    It takes time to remove negative information about yourself from Google and Bing; however, it can be done. Get started now with reputation management and avoid the pain of losing work, housing and relationships opportunities due to past mistakes. Read More
  • How Do I Remove Negative Things About Me From Search Engines?

    Monitoring your or your company's reputation online can seem like it's a full-time job. When something negative is posted about you online, accurate or not, it has far-reaching effects that can alter, or remove, many opportunities, from jobs to sales to relationships. For companies, it can mean not only diminished sales and customer interest, and but it can also mean fewer people interested in pursuing a career with the business. Since everyone uses popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to discover information about, well, anything, it's essential for every person to control his own message. But is it possible to remove negative content that's already there? Absolutely, and here's how it's done.

    Online reputation management companies, or ORMs make a living scrubbing the Internet of negative press, reviews and information on behalf of both companies and individuals. While they are professionals in the business, there are some important takeaways regular Joes can learn from their general habits. Here are some of the most essential things an ORM does:
    • Offer Clearing Plans
    • Alter Google Auto-Suggest
    • Publish Positive Content
    • Provide Content Control Plans
    • Monitor Your Name
    How Do I Remove Negative Things About Me From Search Engines?Hirurg/iStockphoto
    The reputation management firms are very adept at screening the Internet for instances of your or your company's name and proactively replacing it with search engine friendly content. But there are some ways that you can make a difference in changing your website presence as well. For instance, buying domain names associated with the business's name (or your own), signing up with the leading social media sites and presenting a positive image and a full profile (think Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as slightly less famous sites like Tumblr and Pinterest), and also actively publishing positive content on these sites, all of which can help push bad press off the main page of Google, and off the Internet entirely.

    Though it does require a great deal of work to control your appearance, it can mean the difference between losing a job, relationship or even friends, let alone customers and sales. ORM doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive, either. If you can't afford the time to play private eye online all day, having someone else manage your affairs quickly or over the long term could pay off tremendously. And when it comes to your livelihood knowing the best possible "you" is the public version isn't just nice, it's essential. Read More
  • How Can I Keep People From Seeing Negative Stuff About My Past Online?

    There is no denying that having a run-in with the law puts a bit of a dent on your personal background. Even though the arrest and the resulting charge was minor, it is going to affect your life going forward. Having a record makesan impact on your career, future jobs and your relationships with your employers.

    Youthink that the information is only supposedto be found through a private background check, but think again. All of the information about your arrest or jail time is available online for anyone to find.It feels likeyou go from being a trustworthy individual to someone to be treated with suspicion all because someone searched the Internet and found your arrest for DUI. You get to a point where you wonder why you bothered to go to college and reach graduation only to have all of that work sunk for one infraction.

    The worst thing about your arrest record being available online is that anyone can look it up. It only takes the effort of typing your name into a search engine to find your past. So, how exactly do you get rid of this information so that no one can find your past arrestonline?

    How Can I Keep People From Seeing Negative Stuff About My Past Online?scanrail/iStockphoto
    Eliminating your negative information from online searches is known as reputation management. It's not easy, takes time and requires a lot of work on your part. You have to seek out every last website that your information is posted on, then ask for the information to be removed. Never, ever pay a cent to have something such as a mugshot taken off a website. There is nothing that stops the site owner from starting a new website, putting your mugshot up on that one, then trying to get money out of you once again.

    Ask yourself if you've got the time to find every last website with your information on it, ask for removal and make attempts to elevate positive information about yourself. If the answer is no, then it's time to talk to a reputation management company. Don't wait to clear your name from the Internet; get started now and take advantage of the free analysis that does a preliminary check for the information about you online.

    Reputation management looks for your name online and takes steps to counteract the negative information. The end result is that you don't have to worry about someone finding your past with just a click of the mouse. A no cost evaluation is available so you know just how much work it's going to take to clear your name from the search engines. Read More
  • Five Ways To Keep People From Seeing A Critical Yelp Post

    Yelp is one of those great tools that let you see what "real" people think about a particular business. Unfortunately, "real" people sometimes have bad days, which can lead to overly critical reviews from customers, to staff having a bad day, which also leads to bad reviews online.

    Though Yelp does its best to moderate comments and weed out the artificially glowing or deliberately cruel ones, the online service permits "fair commentary" – it's OK to post they received poor service, but it's less OK to write something overreaching like, "This place is terrible and why does anyone still have a job there or any customers at all. y???"

    Since your future income depends on new and regular business, is there anything someone interested in reputation management can do to remove negative Yelp reviews for the site or from other search reviews? The short answer is no, but the longer answer is maybe, but it takes time.

    Five Ways To Keep People From Seeing A Critical Yelp Postdamedeeso/iStockphoto
    For those saying "what about my company and my future?" here's what tools work.
    • Comment on the comments. If you receive an unflattering online review, you are allowed to share your side of things. You could explain the situation or even offer a simple apology, saying that everyone received refunds and process were improved. The original poster may even have a change of heart and remove their comment.
    • Employ a reputation management firm, or try software or apps. Some companies offer a free analysis or give you a no cost evaluation which monitor mentions of you on Google or search engines, or help create environments for people to sound off. Even the free best companies have people who lose their loyalty.
    • Focus on SEO, but differently. Some people discover Yelp while searching for a business, so if Google/search engines produce more positive results about your business, the searcher may not make it to the Yelp page. Forbes offers solutions on other common ways to rebuild your online reputation. (1)
    • Encourage positive reviews. There's a fine line between deliberately instructing your fans to post glowing reviews, but Ragan's PR Daily suggests (2) there's value in asking them politely to consider honest reviews. It takes time, but the more reviews you receive, the less value a few negative ones will have.
    • Get started now. The longer you're in business earning future income and not monitoring the cheapest shots, the more they'll come.
    Read More
  • Does Google Have Advice on How to Eliminate Negative Things About Me Online?

    If you've ever been arrested, you may have negative information about you online. The record of your arrest, sometimes even including a mug shot, may turn up in search engine results when someone Googles your name. The record will be there even if you didn't go to jail or were found innocent. This looks really bad to potential employers and may hinder romantic relationships whether you were guilty or innocent. So what does Google say about getting this kind of negative information about you deleted from their search engine?

    Google has some very helpful tips in this area. They are, after all, the world's largest search engine and most people looking up information on you will go there first. Therefore, listening to what the company actually has to say on the matter of removing negative information is worth your time. You can actually take an active part in controlling the information about you that is on the Internet when you follow what this behemoth of a company has to say. The company recommends these three things:

    • Don't put your personal information on the web if it's not necessary. This includes your real name, address, birth date, phone number, and anything else that can be used to identify you to friends, family, romantic partners, and potential employers. You don't want anything that can lead people to a trail of websites that might reveal that past legal incident. You can be denied jobs or even put your current career in jeopardy if that information is easily accessible. Don't make it easy for people to find.
    • Go to the websites where negative information about you is published. Take down anything negative that you may have put on the Internet yourself. If something regarding your unsavory past is on a website you don't own, contact the owner and request that it be removed. Some websites may charge you to remove the information, but others will do it for free. You just have to follow their instructions to delete it.
    • Publish positive information about yourself on the Internet. This takes time, but is well worth it. You won't always be able to get negative information about you removed from a website. Some website owners simply refuse to do it. If that's the case, then publish your own websites and post good things about yourself on other websites as much as you can. If you can get these sites to show up in the search engines a page or more before the negative information, chances are most people will never see the bad things. The vast majority of people using the Internet only look at the first page of search results on any search engine. Get positive things on that first page and you're golden.
    Does Google Have Advice on How to Eliminate Negative Things About Me Online?zdravkovic/iStockphoto
    Cleaning up your internet profile on your own is definitely the cheapest way to go. There is even software available, sometimes as free downloads, that can automatically post positive comments about you on other websites to help boost your new, positive image. Plus, by going the do-it-yourself route, you are in control of every step of the process of creating a good Internet reputation for yourself. If you've got the time, this is a good route to take.

    However, deleting and hiding arrest records and other negative information can be a slow, cumbersome process. You may be overwhelmed by it or have no idea where to begin. There are online reputation management companies that can help make this process a lot easier for you. The best ones offer comprehensive reputation management services and allow you to get started now. Look for companies that provide a no cost evaluation or free analysis of your internet presence. Take advantage of any free tools for cleaning up your internet profile on Google. Also, be sure to only work with companies that offer full refunds if you're not satisfied with their service.

    Google warns of many reputation management scam companies out there. If you want to hire a company to manage your online reputation for you, do your due diligence before selecting one. Follow Google's advice and hire a company to help you if you need it. Be patient and know that it can be done. Simply take the first step and begin your online image reform today. There's no time like the present to start again. Read More
  • Are There Free Tools So I Can Do My Own Online Reputation Management

    Internet reputation management is simply the process of ensuring that your web presence is a positive one. This means that those that search for you through a search engine should be presented with only positive information about you. There are a few free tools that you can use to manage your reputation, and some that offer refunds for unsatisfactory work as well.

    Google Alerts is a very simple tool that will send you an alert through various methods any time something changes about your online reputation. This means that Google will regularly check on the results that are returned regarding your online reputation and, if there are significant changes, you can receive an email, text message or some other form of notice. You can also select the frequency of these alerts. Google also offers apps that can be very valuable for this purpose.

    MonitorThis is a program that's intended for those that have a company but it can also be used by individuals. This program looks through a huge variety of search engines to see if anyone has mentioned you by name, or has mentioned your company if you have one. MonitorThis can be very useful for those who just want to see if there is activity out there about them.

    Are There Free Tools So I Can Do My Own Online Reputation Managementjulos/iStockphoto
    There are many companies that can give you a fast and free analysis and no cost evaluation of where your online reputation is at presently. This will allow you to determine whether there is information about you already so that you can get started now with your reputation managing system. Calling the phone number posted on this page is a great first step for those that are new to managing their reputation and gives better data than a simple Google search.

    SocialMention is a unique tool that specifically looks for references through social media. SocialMention is an excellent free tool for those that want to make sure that their reputation is positive throughout media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Many employers, prospective clients and just casual friends will look you up on social media, so it's very important that you make sure that your reputation on these websites is good.

    Having a good web reputation is absolutely essential for the purposes of your career and social life. Many employers will search for you before a job offer, and many jobs will not want to hire you if they find you have had an arrest or spent a significant amount of time in jail. If you're currently asking yourself "What is the cheapest way to secure my future, my company and my relationships?" the answer may very well be to remove all negative references from the web. This often takes time, but it's always worthwhile. Read More
  • 6 Steps for an Effective Online Reputation Management Strategy

    The internet and social media have made online reputation management a very real concern. Career, jobs and relationships may be affected by your online presence and identity. An arrest, jail time, or unflattering items showing up on Google or the other search engines can affect your job and your personal life.

    The good news is that there's now effective software, free tools and online reputation management apps that can help with reputation management. It takes time to repair a blemished reputation and remove unwanted search engine results, so you should get started now in managing it. Here are six things you can do to manage your online reputation:

    1. Buy your own domain name. Domain names cost a minimal amount per year (usually no more than $12.)

    2. Google yourself regularly. Check and see what the search engines are yielding for your name in terms of both content and images.

    3. Keep your content all in one place. Tumblr, About.me and WordPress are great choices, and you can point your domain name to any of these sites.

    4. Use social networks. Join Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn and Google+. Add Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube if you have the time and inclination. You don’t have to be overly active, but try and post something new at least per a month.

    6 Steps for an Effective Online Reputation Management Strategytravellinglight/iStockphoto
    5. Optimize your online presence. Fill these accounts out as completely as you can, and maximize the use of your name when possible. Link to your other social media sites to maximize cross-referencing and strengthen your online presence.

    6. Stay private and post responsibly. Select privacy settings for all of your accounts, and stay aware of the current privacy policies of all of them, as they seem to change frequently. Only post items that you'd be fine with "going viral," because anything posted online has that potential.

    You might be thinking, "My company, my future depend upon having a good reputation." The DIY online reputation management tips listed here are effective, but you don't have to go it alone. There are companies that offer services to help improve your online reputation. Find the cheapest prices, free analysis/no cost evaluation, and look for satisfaction guaranteed refunds. Don't neglect your online reputation; your future depends on it. Read More
  • Who Are the Best Online Reputation Management Consultants Available?

    There are plenty of reputation management companies out there, but what makes them good or bad? Some offer no cost evaluation help, and the free best companies might even say they can better your reputation overnight. But what are the real qualities you should look for?

    The Company Doesn't Lie

    The first thing you need to be sure of is a company's honesty. If you're trying to fix your reputation, signing up with a company that can't be truthful is a major mistake. The company will have to use search engines to complete an analysis of your reputation, and you don't want to find out that they made it sound worse or better than it really is.

    They Look to the Long Term

    When it comes down to it, your future income and relationships could rely on your online reputation. A free analysis, for example, might tell you your short-term outlook, but what good will that do in five to ten years? A company with an eye on your future will make preemptive strikes; they will tell you what you need to do to continue to maintain a positive reputation in the future.

    No "Black-Hat" Methods

    Who Are the Best Online Reputation Management Consultants Available?arcady_31/iStockphoto
    If you're trying to repair a poor reputation, using black-hat methods to get noticed can hurt you. Burying bad press by adding good press higher on the search engine through unethical means isn't right, and no company should suggest it. Repairing your reputation takes time, and although you might argue that "my company is my future, and I need to do what I can now," it's not the best choice.

    Play by the Rules

    The cheapest options and software don't always play by the rules. Nor do they offer refunds most of the time. If you've spend time in jail or have to look for a job after an arrest, you know that playing by the rules is the only thing that will keep you out of trouble. Apply this knowledge to the rest of your online life. Your reputation is of value and can be repaired, and there are tools to do it. There may be options to remove some items on Google or other search engines that hurt your reputation for example, but the company helping you needs to be sure that they follow the rules, or you could get in trouble.

    Clear and Direct Understanding and Directions

    Looking for jobs after being in jail or being arrested is sometimes hard. There are apps to help repair you online reputation, which can help potential employers or customers find your business. You're looking to make a career, so a good company will be sure to walk you through the steps of repairing your reputation without confusing you or taking you the long way around. You can get started now, and a great company will show you exactly what to do. Read More
  • Can I Get A Refund If A Company Does A Bad Job Cleaning Up Negative Things About Me Online?

    Hiring a company to hide or remove negative entries from search engines can be an expensive commitment. If you have made this investment, but are still looking atthe search engine results and thinking, "this cannot be good for my future" or "my company is going to fire me" it may be time to find out what you can do about a company that has failed to do its job.

    Review what waspromised.

    A reputable company should give a clear and detailed list of what they offer. Some services, for instance, specialize in creating high-profile positive pages that can push damaging ones low enough in search engine results that casual users will not find them. Others negotiate with mug shot sites to get your pictures and charges removed from the site and blocked from Google's listings.Stay away from places that make vague promises about improved results without enumerating the benefits of using their services.

    Your agreement should indicate what your recourse is if they are unable to help. Some places offer an unconditional money-back guarantee and refunds of all fees. Others will only guarantee their work for a set period of time, such as 90 days.

    Revisit your free analysis.

    Can I Get A Refund If A Company Does A Bad Job Cleaning Up Negative Things About Me Online?fenkep/iStockphoto
    A good company will also offer a no cost evaluation before they start so that they can tell you what is possible and what is not. For instance, they may have connections that can help them remove arrest records and jail photos from mug shot site. For other results such as news stories, the companymay be able to fill the search engine results with more positive entries so that the damaging ones fall off the front page. Check to see if they did what they said was possible.

    If they've failed, contact customer service to look for a refund if the company has not done what they have promised. If necessary, let them know that you will contact the Better Business Bureau or even contact the press.

    Negative reports about you online can keep you from getting jobs, keep you from progressing in your career, and can even damage yourrelationships. It takes time for reputation management to do its job. Get started now and protect your future. Read More
  • Avoid Reputation Management Scams

    When an Internet search of your name turns up information you'd rather nobody see, don't panic. Take a deep breath and resist the urge to click on the first reputation management company that pops up on the screen.

    Why Does It Sound Too Good to Be True?

    While these types of companies can be perfectly legitimate, they are also sometimes too eager to take on the task of improving your online presence. Beware of companies that charge a high price and make a lot of empty promises, such as guaranteeing that they'll remove all negative information about you from the Internet forever. Promises like these are almost always impossible to follow through on, and while it is possible to improve your online reputation, it takes time and persistence to do so. Companies that promise a new you in as little as 30 days are very likely working scams that come with a high cost attached to their magic cures.

    How Can I Tell If a Company is Legit?

    The best way to protect yourself against companies making false claims is to do a little research in the field of online reputation management. Once you understand how the process works, it will be more difficult for companies to mislead you into paying them for services they have no intention of providing.

    Avoid Reputation Management Scamsstuartmiles99/iStockphoto
    The most effective method of getting rid of negative information is to create new, positive information to take its place. Legitimate reputation management companies do this several ways:

    • by building websites around your name and linking them to social networking sites they've created with the express purpose of making you look good,
    • by having you update these sites regularly with posts and tweets that portray you in a positive light,
    • by using this information about you to saturate the Internet and push the old, negative stuff farther and farther down in the search results where it becomes more difficult to find

    How Long Should It Take?

    It can take months to suppress an old arrest or DUI to the point where few will see it. Companies that promise to do it in less time are likely ripoffs. Don't give up, however, once you understand what a company needs to do to fix your reputation, it's easier to find one that delivers.

    Your past mistakes don't have to be the topic of choice at your son's graduation or your daughter's wedding.By doing a little research on reputation repair before you commit, you'll find a reputable company that gets results. Read More
  • How to Evaluate the Excellence of a Reputation Management Company

    Businesses, owners, managers, and even common people will benefit from reputation management service for their career. Most importantly, if you have a criminal record or at least had a quick brush with the law, a reputation management company can enhance your online presence, save relationships, and get you jobs. However, you should not only go for any company without evaluating their services.

    Employers today can easily find out your little misdemeanor online when you were young – even before you had your high school graduation. This can be devastating on your career even though it was a DUI before graduation or a small offense. Removing this particular information about your past takes time but it does not mean it is impossible especially with the help of a good reputation management company such as brand.com.

    You should be careful in selecting a reputation management company. Here are some questions to answer as you choose:

    • Does the company have good reputation? Are the reviews about them from credible people?
    • How is their career performing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other online search engines? How about their reputation management services? Can they be compared to well-known sites such as brand.com?
    • Does the company offer information about their people and their credentials? Is it run by career-oriented professionals?
    • Do they know what they are talking about? Do they have a blog, published articles, or any supporting information about reputation management?
    How to Evaluate the Excellence of a Reputation Management CompanyMikhail Mishchenko/iStockphoto
    Building reputation for your career especially in the online world takes time. The company you choose should at least perform and accomplish the following:

    • Identity assessment
    • Personal brand construction
    • Ongoing research
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Website development
    • Issuing press releases
    Other Factors to Consider

    Aside from the services, you should also look at how much they charge. This is actually important because if they quote a very high price, it may be time to shop somewhere else. Be wary of those who charge low too. Reputation management is a lot of work, so it is impossible for them to ask for low fees. Often, it is better if they offer tiered pricing system where simple services are much affordable than extensive ones.

    Your online reputation has the ability to make or break you particularly in a huge career move. Do not leave it to chance for people to stumble upon your name online. Get started now and contact a reputation management company to push the negativity away and help you defend your image. Read More
  • Is It Worth To Pay For Online Reputation Management Services?

    It can be upsetting when links to things from your past that you'd rather forget intrude by showing up on the front page of Google. If you are looking at the page thinking, "is my company going to fire me over this? Will this damage my future?" some reputation management may be in order.

    A few ways to decide whether it's worth it:

    Is it damaging or just embarrassing?

    Some things that show up online are merely personal things that we'd rather have go away. Others can damage chances at jobs, career advancement, future income and relationships. If what you are seeing is not anything serious, it may be fine to let it go. But, if what is showing up online includes arrest records and jail photos, it can be worth the trouble to remove it from the front page of Google.

    Is it costing you money not to do it?

    Is It Worth To Pay For Online Reputation Management Services?luminis/iStockphoto
    If you suspect that your Google results are keeping you from getting a job or from advancing in your career, it may be worth it to seek professional reputation management. In some cases, a potential employer will tell you that you were passed over because of what they saw online. While reputation management can seem expensive, if it keeps you from earning money, the price can be worth it.

    How to tell if professional reputation management is worth the price.

    Check several different sources and see what services they provide. Try to find one that will give a no cost evaluation of what needs to be done, and what sort of results they can promise. Most use a combination of free apps and proprietary software to get results. Some providers also have free tools available. If they won't give a free analysis or straight forward answers about their services, consider another provider. Seek out the company that offers the cheapest prices while providing the best value.

    If your online reputation is holding you back, get started now. It takes time to see results, and the sooner you begin, the sooner your life can go on. Read More
  • What Is The Best Company To Use For Mug Shot Removal?

    In today’s world of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, maintaining your online reputation takes on a special priority. Not only can friends and loved ones find you on the Internet, so can employers and prospective customers. Many companies now turn to Google and other search engines to research information about you and other prospects, which makes having a positive online reputation especially important.

    The Internet and social media make for excellent platforms to make yourself heard, but for those who’ve been arrested for a crime, the negative publicity that often surrounds a stay in jail can negatively impact your online reputation. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but the last thing you want is your mug shots to speak for you.

    For years, law enforcement agencies throughout the nation have made arrest and booking information available to the general public. However, these records can easily circulate throughout the Internet thanks to websites that specialize in posting mug shots and other information. Regardless of whether you've been convicted or gone to trial, having your mug shot on display can negatively influence employers, business partners and just about anyone else who comes across this information.

    What Is The Best Company To Use For Mug Shot Removal?baurka/iStockphoto
    While there are plenty of online reputation management tools you can use to monitor your online image, you might need a helping hand when it comes to getting rid of those unwanted mementos from the past. Companies like unpublisharrest.com specialize in permanently publishing and unpublishing arrest records and mug shots. When looking for such an online reputation management company, it's important to understand what to look for seeking choose the company that best meets your needs:

    Learn about the reach of the mug shot removal company you choose. You want one that can eliminate your photos from not just one, but all of the main databases in the U.S. A credible online reputation management services company has established relationships with the mugshot database companies and can usually get it done quickly and at a reduced price.

    Find out how long it takes for the company in question to provide results. After all, you want all public records of your stint in jail to be erased as soon as possible.

    Compare prices with other competitors and make sure your service comes with a money-back guarantee, just in case things don’t go to plan.

    In the end, the best online reputation company is one that offers fast and reliable results that lessen the negative impact of your previous mistakes and bad choices. Read More
  • What is Online Reputation Management?

    Simply put, online reputation management is the process of paying attention to what is mentioned about you on the Internet and taking the appropriate steps to improve your standing. For instance, if you have ever gotten yourself into legal trouble or have had problems with the police, that information probably followed you to the Internet. When you want to apply for jobs and the people interviewing you perform a search of your name on the Internet, what will they see?

    Whatever you have done, good or bad, will appear in your profile. You want to make sure that the information they find linked to your name puts you in a positive light. That goes for social media networks such as LinkedIn as well as Facebook, because what others are saying about you on the Internet also reflects on your good name.

    Steps to Improving Your Reputation

    What is Online Reputation Management?AnsonLu/iStockphoto
    If your reputation is tarnished, it can affect your ability to build up a career or even develop new relationships. You might think there’s nothing you can do about it, but that is not true. Here are just a few of the things that you can do:

    1. Be continually on the watch for mentions of your name on the Internet.
    2. Add positive content that will overpower anything negative.
    3. Create blog posts that show you as a reliable professional.
    4. Make positive comments about other people or businesses.
    5. Avoid engaging in arguments or negative activity over the Internet.
    Professional Management Companies

    Remember that everything you write on the Internet will affect your name either positively or negatively. Fortunately, you are not alone in your race to improve your Internet reputation. There are many people in the same boat and there are experienced companies that can help you. Professional management companies will analyze your situation by checking your current reputation on the Internet and create a unique plan to put your name in a better light. If there are negative comments or articles about you, they will flood them out with loads of positive mentions of your name. While success doesn’t happen overnight, diligent work pays off and you can see the results for yourself as your name gains a positive reputation. With the help of a reputable management company, you will gain control over your image so that you will be able to move up in your job and develop new friendships. Read More
  • Where Can I Find a FREE Analysis of My Online Profile?

    Life sometimes takes sudden and unexpected turns for the worse due to uncontrollable circumstances. Other times it results from hanging out with the wrong crowd, posting inflammatory statements and photos on Facebook, or excessive drinking that escalates into domestic violence and court orders of protection.

    You may have changed your behavior and put this behind you. The issue is that a large percentage of information remains active on the net for years. Google, as one example, can be your best friend, or a huge negative when it comes to your career and potential jobs.

    You may be unemployed, and a nine month job search after graduation has turned into a major challenge. With a second interview fast approaching, you might have started a no cost evaluation web search to check your information.

    Where Can I Find a FREE Analysis of My Online Profile?Ballun/iStockphoto
    Or, it could be a situation where you've pitched a new account, and given the size of the budget, they will probably conduct an online reputation search. It doesn't take long to discover that a no cost online profile evaluation search takes time — much more time than one could imagine.

    A new job could solve your financial problems, and ease strained personal relationships, but that old DUI citation and unpaid seat belt ticket is not what you want a potential employer to discover.

    You might be wondering if there is online reputation management service at a reasonable price. One thing is clear, it's time to get started now.

    You may be wondering if there's a site where the cost for this type of research and service is affordable. We strongly encourage you to exercise a great deal of caution as you move forward because there are so many scam sites that charge tremendous fees for reputation management with no meaningful results. It's time and money wasted.

    There are numerous ways in which we can help you obtain a free analysis of your online presence and also provide you with options to improve it. Start by getting a free analysis and calling the phone number posted on this page. Read More
  • Can Negative Things About Me Online be Removed?

    An America of Second Chances

    There are very few of us that reach adulthood without some things in our past that we hope never become public knowledge. Whether it was a teenage prank before graduation that got a weekend in jail with a mugshot or a DUI arrest, things from the past can be an issue today and affect jobs, relationships and careers. While this is a country known for giving people a second chance, unanswered bad news about your past can create definite problems.

    Unfortunately, the reality of today’s online environment and the widespread use of search engines such as Google make it possible for anyone to post just about anything about individuals. Many items are published as a part of a public process and others are specifically targeted to hurt you, with no concern about your job or career. When your mugshot shows up online it can hurt your relationships and job without you even knowing what is going on.

    If you are one of those who has had problems in the past and have taken advantage of your second chance to build a business or good career, you simply can’t afford to have an old DUI plastered online for all your customers to see when they go online to Google you. The heart-sinking feeling that comes when you see negative information posted leaves you asking questions about your options and how such information can be removed.

    The New Science and Art of Reputation Management

    Can Negative Things About Me Online be Removed?PashaIgnatov/iStockphoto
    The positive news is that online resources are available to help with this problem and to deal with old issues in your life that show up online. These negative items can be handled if steps are taken with the right online reputation management firm. The process used takes time and you need to get started now to address the problem.

    The reputation management field has grown significantly in the past few years and they have a number of techniques that can be effective. A reputable firm will provide a free analysis of your online presence and a no cost evaluation of what actions should be taken. The goals of the processes they employ are the elimination of or the lowering of the search engine ranking for the disparaging information that concerns you.

    At the same time, an online reputation management firm will advise you on what steps not to take that might seem instinctive but can make the problem worse. While the Internet makes it possible to have negative information made more visible, it also provides effective ways with which to remove or deal with it. Read More
  • Can I Remove Negative News About Me or My Company?

    Forget innocence, forget trumped up charges, forget your pardon from the governor. If you're a business owner, a voice in your industry, a visible figure in your field, then you know that all people see when they look at an arrest is the arrest, the criminal element. No matter the circumstance, all they see is somebody who can't seem to play by the rules. It's not fair, but business and public image aren't affected by fairness, they're affected by search engines, by bad reviews articles in magazines, and your perceived value, not your real value, to your industry.

    Correcting the misconceptions takes time, so get started now if you want to protect your future income.

    If you want to get the job done right, if you want to get the right reviews on Yelp and other apps, then you're going to need the right intel, the right tools, and the right help. When it comes to affecting your reputation newspaper articles can be a big help, great reviews online can help and learning your way around Google can help but it all starts with a free analysis to determine what can be done.

    Can I Remove Negative News About Me or My Company?gzaleckas/iStockphoto
    The truth is that when you start thinking "What about my future? My company? How can I remove these bad reviews and rumors on the web?" chances are that you can't. Unless they're somehow libelous. It's scary territory and it can feel like you're all alone with the wolves at the door. Luckily, if you're looking for a no cost evaluation for free best companies in the industry will provide just that.

    Reputation management is very important, and getting the cheapest software (preferably with the offer of refunds) to help you through all of this can be a tremendous help.

    There are people out there who would ask you to cough up before offering so much as a free evaluation, and those that don't. Don't pay for any help managing your reputation until you've had a free evaluation. Read More
  • Understanding How Your Online Reputation Works

    Do you know what your online reputation is? If you Google your name, do you see praise and applause or a wanted poster? You need to know what information is available about you and how that information can affect your daily life.

    Your reputation and available jobs

    You may have spent years working to get superior grades in high school or college. No matter how hard you have worked, or how good a GPA you have, the posts that show you dancing in your underwear may not help you get that management job. If you want to work as an underwear model, go ahead and post some more.

    If you received a DUI and the information shows up on Google, it will hurt your reputation. If the incident was years ago, you can improve your standing with an employer by showing your sobriety. Multiple recent charges may prevent you from even getting an interview.

    Your reputation and college plans

    Understanding how Your Reputation Worksmarekuliasz/iStockphoto
    If you plan to attend college after high school graduation, your reputation may well be part of your acceptance to your chosen school. It can also close the doors that would otherwise be open. Google searches on candidates are common. You need to know what that reputation is in order to control it.

    Your reputation and relationships

    If you are single, a negative reputation may keep you single. Many individuals use the Internet to gain information on potential partners before they get serious. If incorrect or damaging information is widely available, you chances of finding a partner can be diminished.

    Steps to manage your reputation

    Managing your reputation can be performed in multiple ways. According to Forbes.com, managing your reputation is an ongoing process. You must continuously monitor the information. You can do this yourself or have a company work on your behalf.

    You must continue to highlight the positive and minimize the negative. When you run across the negative, deal with it quickly. Forbes does state that you must assess what the damage really is, to determine the right way of correcting it. Everyone makes mistakes; you may be able to put yours in a positive light.

    When is comes to reputation management, the sooner you start, the sooner you can solve problems that could cause difficulties with your career or your relationships. It takes time to undo damage, get started now and put the past behind you. We can help you understand and untangle the web of your reputation. Read More
  • The Cost and Expense Drivers of Online Reputation Management

    With the power and reach of the Internet today, it’s very easy to find personal information on a given individual with just a few terms on a major search engine. As a result, one’s online reputation is now becoming just as important and life-influencing as a real-time, personal reputation. However, while a given piece of information may not necessarily be easy to remove from the Internet, there are ways to make it harder to find on a search engine. These services, for a fee, provide that kind online reputation management. The work takes time but it can be effective.


    Internet search engines use programs named meta crawlers to tag and track every piece of information available on a web page. This information is then compiled and stored into search engine databases and can be retrieved instantly when a query requests the information through a matching term.

    Given the power of search engines bad personal data can include a DUI report, past jobs, career moves, and even graduation dates. Depending how deep or specific one goes with a search engine, the data can be found, shaping a person’s reputation to others as well as relationships. Not surprisingly, people want to get started now fixing issues when they find out how big an exposure exists.

    Services Provided

    The Cost and Expense Drivers of Online Reputation Managementjwohlfeil/istockphoto
    Online reputation management services often focus on two fronts: removal of data and “burying” of data. The removal of the data is the easier of the two. The service goes out and finds the offending information in the Internet and, if incorrect, either requests or persuades the site owner to take the information down. If that doesn’t work or it’s not possible, then the service works proactively to “bury” the data deep into the lower pages of a search engine response. This is done by creating a large amount of recent information online about a person so that the first number of search engine response pages only show the good content. Ergo, the bad material is layered far into the results.


    In terms of expense to an individual customer, online reputation management is sold either as an ongoing subscription where a service regularly works to keep search engine data clean as much as possible, or as a one-time project. Company level pricing for these services range from hundreds of dollars per month to tens of thousands. Much of the cost variation depends on how much work needs to be done to clean and then maintain a reputation case. The true test is how credible the online reputation management company is and if they are able to perform for you. Call the number posted on this page to speak to a representative from #1 Rated Online Reputation Management Company in the World. Read More
  • Should I Respond To Negative Things About Me Online?

    It can be very tempting to want to defend yourself online when people are saying negative things about you. However, deciding to fight back against comments can only increase the negative effects. First, it gives people who are trying to harm your reputation, your job prospects and your relationships fuel to keep the fire going. If you don't respond, they have no reason to continue to make negative posts. Second, your defenses actually wind up making things worse by keeping the pages active and raising them in results from search engines.

    You can't just ignore it.

    While responding personally is a bad idea, ignoring negative things written about you on the internet can be just as bad. Negative search engine results can hold you back in your career and keep you from getting good jobs in the first place. Negative things posted online now can cost you tens of thousands of dollars of future income. If you find yourself wondering "what will this do to my future? Will my company fire me or pass me over for promotions?" you need to deal with the damaging things said about you online.

    Instead, leave it to the professionals.

    Should I Respond To Negative Things About Me Online?a-wrangler/iStockphoto
    If someone is publicizing your arrest record, jail photos or other damaging information, the best path may be to seek out reputation management services. These services can negotiate with mug shot sites to remove your pictures and stack Google results with positive mentions of your name to drive down the negative ones.

    Look for a company that will give you a free analysis of your search engine results. The no cost evaluation will allow you to tell whether reputation management will be helpful and whether it is worth the cost for you. Remember that the cheapest service may not be the best value. Many companies use proprietary software to get the best results. Seek out one that refunds your money if they do not provide the desired results.

    If you are considered reputation management online, get started now. It takes time to see results, so, the sooner you start, the sooner you will see an improvement. Read More
  • How to Avoid Being Scammed with Reputation Management

    For many people, one of the most daunting aspects of dealing with their online identity doesn't involve what information they want to give about themselves, but rather, what information they don't want others to be given. Trying to recover from a bad mark on your record can be stressful and seem like a hopeless task, but reputation management is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many effective techniques that anybody can employ to improve their online reputation, with minimal stress and cost. Some of these involve inexpensive payments to reputable companies and services that can help you better organize and understand the information that makes up your online profile.

    While it may be impossible to completely erase all evidence of a major offense, like a DUI, from every online record about you, a little bit of effort can go a long way towards minimizing the impact of that offense at important times like graduation. Although it takes time, it is possible to keep undesirable electronic information about you from becoming easily accessible, even if it cannot be removed entirely, often with minimal cost.

    One of the most prominent reasons why people have developed a fear of reputation management is because of scams and ripoffs that amass information about people that the people would not want on the internet, and then charging a "reputation management" fee to have the information removed from the web. Unlike service-based companies designed to help you manage your online reputation, these companies are often extremely difficult to deal with or charge an outrageous price, and some are not prompt or responsible about removing the information even after you have paid them. However, you do not have to let these companies play on your fear of the information they have; more often than not, they are harmless.

    How to Avoid Being Scammed with Reputation ManagementKalulu/iStockphoto
    While paying these types of companies can be an effective way to manage your reputation, often there is no need to. This is especially true because many of these companies are unlikely to be considered a reputable source of information, meaning that it doesn’t matter whether they store your information or not.

    While it may seem disturbing for a company to leave information about a past offense of yours on the internet, it's important to remember to look at the positive sides. More likely than not, negative information about you, makes up a very small portion of your online identity. If it makes up a larger portion than you would like, you just have to change the proportion, not completely eliminate the negative publicity. This is why one of the most important parts of avoiding reputation management scams is having an accurate idea of what your electronic presence and identity looks like, and what it consists of.

    If a website's undesirable information about you is obscure, and held by a source that isn't reputable, there is no need to pay them to remove it. There are companies that can provide analyses of your online profile for a nominal fee, to help you understand these aspects of your online identity and which parts of it are concern. This is a more cost effective way of managing one’s reputation management than paying for removal of specific pieces of information from a specific website. Read More
  • How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Mug Shot From The Internet?

    Unfortunately for celebrities and convicted felons, mug shots are exactly the type of incriminating evidence that wind up online. A mug shot provides busybodies something to gossip about, especially if a person has a juicy arrest record. However, it can be detrimental for someone who's trying to look for a job because so many employers won't hire felons who have committed a specific crime. Some people have taken the opportunity to create services that will remove mug-shots and other damaging information from the Internet, but it comes at a price.

    The price of removing a mug shot varies depending upon company. These costs range from $129 to $1,250. These services will remove your photo and information from listing sites, and when Google refreshes indexes of those sites, your photo will no longer appear in the search results with the link. However, it can take a little while from the time that the photo is deleted to the time when your photo and information disappears from the search engine result pages because of the indexing process.

    For some people with sealed records, this information shouldn't have become available online after all. It's especially frustrating for those people to perform an ego search and realize that their prior mistakes are available for every Internet user to behold. Even worse, some people who have been arrested but were later exonerated have found their mug shots on those sites. Some of the information available on these websites is incorrect, too. Thanks to publicity laws, some of these websites have seen lawsuits from people whose mug shots wound up on the sites.

    How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Mug Shot From The Internet?aldra/iStockphoto
    The sites that list this information can legally do so if you've served jail time and have a public record because your photos are technically part of the public domain. However, many of these websites make money by hosting ads on those sites, which is why it's become so common to find your mug shot on those sites. That's why removal services have become so necessary to prevent damage to your reputation.

    Your best bet is to hire a professional online reputation management company to handle this for you as many of the mugshot websites will re-post your mugshot under a different domain name after you've paid them to remove it from the first. A credible online management company knows the companies who are in this nefarious business and can usually get it done faster, completely and for less money. Read More
  • How Long Does It Take To Clean Up My Online Presence?

    It only takes a moment to turn your life upside down--an arrest, a DUI, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause you to experience trouble with your career and personal relationships. Even worse, if information about your misfortune makes it to the internet, it could be broadcast to millions of people in a millisecond. When you see your name being dragged down online, it's natural to want to get started now on cleaning it up. Unfortunately, cleaning up your web presence takes time.

    The first decision that you must make that will affect how fast your reputation gets repaired is whether you want to try to fix it yourself or get a free analysis by calling the phone number posted on this page. Either way will be effective, but it stands to reason that a team of dedicated experts can do something quite a bit faster than you can in your spare time.

    The method of reputation management you employ will also affect the time it takes to succeed. The two most common methods involve attempting to get erroneous content removed and creating enough positive content to make the negative content get pushed down the search rankings so that it's not the first thing people see when they Google your name. The two methods are quite different in terms of the time they take.

    How Long Does It Take To Clean Up My Online Presence?314/iStockphoto
    As an example, if a legitimate website posts a picture of someone else drunk at a graduation party and puts your name under it, it should be pretty quick and easy to contact that site manager, point out the mistake and get it removed. If, however, someone maliciously posts your mugshot from an arrest on a hundred websites, it could take quite some time to get it removed—in fact you might spend months creating enough positive web content to make sure that mugshot gets buried on page 20 when people search for your name.

    From the minute your reputation gets damaged, it can cost you jobs, friends and respect. However you fix it, and whether it takes a few days or a few years, the sooner you start working on it, the sooner the bad publicity goes away. Read More
  • How Important Is My Online Profile?

    Managing your online profile is something many people didn’t really think about until fairly recently. Before the advent of online social media relationships, most job seekers didn’t have to worry about employers asking the question, “Who am I hiring to my company?” Unfortunately, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, etc, all of the shenanigans you got into before graduation from high school, whether it was drama resulting from romantic relationships or excessive partying, are now accessible for recruiters looking to fill jobs.

    There are now a number of tools that allow companies to do cursory background checks on potential employees. This means that any DUI jail time or other arrest records will appear to potential employers, negatively affecting your ability to land the job you're looking for.

    If you are trying to get your life back on track, you might be reading this asking yourself, “how I am going to fix my future with everything I’ve done in my past?” Although it takes time to repair your online profile, there are things you can do to make it happen fairly quickly.

    How Important Is My Online Profile?snake3d/iStockphoto
    A simple Google search can give you an idea of the first impression you’ll give people who search for you. Searching yourself will typically show images and social media results. If you don’t already use social media, you should create profiles for yourself that show a professional, adult lifestyle. Even if you don’t use social media very often, it helps to have a controlled public image for employers searching your name on Google.

    Paying a reputation management company to help get rid of the negative aspects of your online profile can pay for itself many times over if it ultimate leads to getting a good job. Many services will offer a "get started now" incentive that typically includes a free analysis and no cost evaluation. Start getting your life back on track today! Read More
  • Can Websites Publish My Mug Shot Online?

    It can feel like a bucket of cold water thrown in your face. You are Googling yourself, whether for fun or in preparation for a job hunt, and there it is: the mug shot from a minor crime you were arrested for years ago. Is this even legal?

    The truth is, there is not yet a clear, nationwide legal consensus about whether it is okay to publish arrest records online. Florida, for instance, has notoriously open public records laws, and people in government throughout the state say that sites that display these photos are in the clear. Even if you never spend a day in jail, your mug shot can be displayed months or years after you are arrested.

    However, other states like Massachusetts have clearly stated that it is not okay to republish a mug shot. The 11th Circuit court ruled that arrest photos were not in the public domain. But, the 6th Circuit court, which includes Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee, ruled that they were. And elsewhere, people who have had their criminal records sealed are engaging in class action lawsuits against the webmasters of sites that display mug shots.

    Can Websites Publish My Mug Shot OnlineTalaj/iStockphoto
    To find out whether the site that displays your mug shot is breaking the law, check into your state's public record laws. It may take a bit of research, since the precedents have mostly been set in the courts. If you cannot find a case that found that displaying them is an invasion of privacy, there is a good chance that the site is not breaking the law. It would probably also be a good idea to consult your defense lawyer to see if he or she has any information.

    Even if the site that displays your photo is not technically breaking the law, you still have options to get the information taken down. In a best case scenario, simply emailing the webmaster can work. In other cases, it can require the assistance of a reputation management expert. In any case, do not feel that you have to live with this black mark. You have options, and you can clear your name and save your reputation. Read More
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