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6 Steps for an Effective Online Reputation Management Strategy

The internet and social media have made online reputation management a very real concern. Career, jobs and relationships may be affected by your online presence and identity. An arrest, jail time, or unflattering items showing up on Google or the other search engines can affect your job and your personal life.The good news is that there's now effective software, free tools and online reputation management apps that can help with reputation management. ... Read More

How do I Control What People See About Me Online?

Unfortunately, you do not have 100% control over what people can see about you online. Social media, mugshot websites, niche search engines and public records websites will turn up awkward graduation photos, arrest mugshots, court records, or even an idle comment made in jest. If you have been charged with any type of misdemeanor or federal offense, negative online information will make it very difficult or even impossible to find good jobs or resurrect, ... Read More

How Do I Remove Negative Things About Me From Search Engines?

Monitoring your or your company's reputation online can seem like it's a full-time job. When something negative is posted about you online, accurate or not, it has far-reaching effects that can alter, or remove, many opportunities, from jobs to sales to relationships. For companies, it can mean not only diminished sales and customer interest, and but it can also mean fewer people interested in pursuing a career with the business. Since everyone uses popular search engines ... Read More

How Can I Keep People From Seeing Negative Stuff About My Past Online?

There is no denying that having a run-in with the law puts a bit of a dent on your personal background. Even though the arrest and the resulting charge was minor, it is going to affect your life going forward. Having a record makesan impact on your career, future jobs and your relationships with your employers. Youthink that the information is only supposedto be found through a private background check, but think again. All of the information about your arrest or jail time ... Read More

Is There Software I Can Use To Eliminate Negative Search Engine Results About Me?

Recently released inmates find it hard to find jobs because search engines are being used to screen job applicants. Your online reputation depends on where your name ranks in search results. If your mug shot or arrest report is number one on a Google search of your name, your reputation is not good. Enter your name into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or AOL and you will see your ranking. Next, you want to know: Is there a software I can buy to eliminate ... Read More

Are There Free Tools So I Can Do My Own Online Reputation Management?

Internet reputation management is simply the process of ensuring that your web presence is a positive one. This means that those that search for you through a search engine should be presented with only positive information about you. There are a few free tools that you can use to manage your reputation, and some that offer refunds for unsatisfactory work as well. Google Alerts is a very simple tool that will send you an alert through various methods any time ... Read More

Does Google Have Advice on How to Eliminate Negative Things About Me Online?

If you've ever been arrested, you may have negative information about you online. The record of your arrest, sometimes even including a mug shot, may turn up in search engine results when someone Googles your name. The record will be there even if you didn't go to jail or were found innocent. This looks really bad to potential employers and may hinder romantic relationships whether you were guilty or innocent. So what does Google say about getting this kind ... Read More


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