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Avoid These Words During a Jail Call

It might feel like your husband’s calls from jail are just between the two of you, but that is not always the case. All calls are recorded. Many facilities then use a computer program to “listen” to the calls and identify those that contain certain words or phrases. Escape:  The word escape is a trigger [...]

Marrying an Inmate

In a perfect world, two people love each other, go to the courthouse and become husband and wife. When he is incarcerated, it becomes more complicated. Four steps to getting married to an inmate. Visit in person. It is important to spend time together face-to-face, whether or not you knew him before prison or you [...]

Prison Commissary: 4 Reasons to Put Money on an Inmate's Account

Jails and prisons are legally responsible for feeding inmates. This doesn’t mean the food tastes good or that there is enough to keep the inmate from getting hungry between meals. Four good reasons exist for putting money on an inmate’s books. Hunger – Commissary snacks can be purchased for inmates to eat in their cells. [...]

Affordable Care Act and Inmates

With the Affordable Care Act opening the doors of coverage for single, childless men and women, prisons and jails nationwide are racing to sign inmates up for it. Here are five interesting facts about the ACA and inmates. A majority of inmates are single, childless males. Signing them up under the plan allows jails and [...]

Getting an Inmate Exemption for Obamacare: 4 Steps to Take

Anyone who does not have insurance at work or sign up for a plan under the Affordable Care Act will pay a fine through the IRS. There are exemptions from having to sign up and one of those exemptions is being an inmate for any part of the year. Fill out the incarceration exemption form. [...]

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