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White County Jail

Arkansas White
1600 E. Booth Road
Searcy, AR 72143

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Comments 4

  1. Angry Fri, Aug 17 2012 7:49 PM

    To Whom It Concerns: My Name is **** *****. My Wife’s Name is *******. This Statement is To Address the Presumption (and Expected Accusation) That We Intentionally Withheld Relevant Information Regarding Our Son’s Medical History. We Filled out a Medical History with the Information Pertaining to This Condition Listed. I Believe We Have Done This More Than Twice. We Signed Multiple Medical Release Forms. Again, Several Times. We Explained In Court When Our Son Was 13 That He Was Unable To Participate in PE at School Due to the Possibility of Damaging His Growth Plate. He Was Disqualified from CSTP Then. We Were of the Belief that All Of This Was In His File. The Staff At CSTP Said It Should Be. We Were Not Aware that It Had Become Our Responsibility To Ensure That The Juvenile Intake Office Has Read The File Of Our Child When They Are Deciding How To Punish him. We Were Not Aware that It Had Become Our Responsibility To Ensure That The LPN Doing a Physical Examination On Our Child Has Read The File Of Our Child Prior To Clearing Him For Such A Program. Two Things Requested To Be Included In This Report Cannot Be Answered By My Wife And I. This Includes: The Question of Why The Probation Officer Was Not Aware Of Our Son’s Medical Condition Before “Intake Day”; As Well As The Question of Why This Was Not Brought Up In Court. It is Unclear To Us How His Probation Officer (Who, we Assume, is in possession of his entire history.) Could be Unaware of His Prior Disqualification From This Program Due to This Medical Condition. It is Unclear To Us How The LPN Performing The Physical Examination (For Whom Medical Release Forms Were Signed and Turned In So That They Would Have His Medical History) Could Have Cleared Him For This Program Unless There Were Accommodations In Place To Allow Someone With A Screw In His Hip’s Growth Plate To Succeed At The Program. It is Unclear To Us Why No One Seems to Have Read Any Part Of His File That Was Not Of Use To Them In Attacking Him. This Was Brought Up In Court When My Son Was Thirteen. It Was a Disqualifier for The CSTP Program Then. That Is Part Of His File. Why Was It Not Brought Up In Court Again?: My Wife And Members From Both Our Families Were In Attendance When This Sentence Was Handed Out. I Was At Work. The Prosecutor Began Rehashing All The Problems My Son Has Had (For Which He Had Already Been Punished) Until My Wife Began an Intense Dialog Requesting This Not Be Considered For His Current Punishment. He Was In Court For Having a Single Joint, and A Nine Week Program, Together With Community Service and a Fine, as Well as Probation and Having His License to Drive Suspended for Two Years, Seemed Excessive (It Still Does). My Wife’s Efforts To End This Then Did Not Succeed. (If Only She Had Known That Bringing Up The Hip Screw Would Have At Least Ended The Boot Camp Part….) The Only Consolation My Wife Had Was That Judge Hanna Ordered The Prosecutor Not To Bring Up Anything Else For Which He Had Already Been Punished. The Weight Had Already Been Added, However, as My son Was Still Given The Five-Part Sentence. Due To My Wife’s Frustration With The Prosecutor’s Determination to Give Our Son These Five Punishments for a Single Joint, She Did Not Bring Up The Hip Screw, Having Concluded That They Were Going To Do It Like They Did At Louisville (Allowing Our Son To Participate in-so-much as He Was Able). We Discovered That Was Not The Case On “Intake Day” at CSTP When We Inquired About The Accommodations. That Is Why WE Did Not Make An Issue Of It Until That Day. Once It Was Determined By CSTP Staff That Our Son Had A Hip Screw, They Told Us That He Could Not Participate In The Program Until They Received A Letter From the Orthopedic Doctor Who Installed The Screw Stating That He Would Be Able To Do The Intense Physical Activity Without Risk Of Damage To The Growth Plate or Hip. Mr. Barry Nixon (The Youth Program Coordinator at CSTP) Stated That It Was Not Our Responsibility To Make Sure He Was Able To Participate and That We Were Not In Trouble Because They Could Not Accept Him Right Now. Mr. Nixon Stated That They Did Not Have The Ability to Make Accommodations for Our Son. Period. He Sent Us To The Nurse Who Said They Would Not Be Able To Clear Him Until They Received A Letter From That Doctor. The Nurse Indicated That This Should Have Been With His File But Wasn’t. The Nurse Reiterated That This Was Not Our Fault And That Our Son Would Have To Run Miles and Perform Intense Workouts Every Day. They Make No Exceptions. Conclusion: I Consider It To Be Unfortunate That the White County Arkansas Juvenile System “Lost A Bed” at CSTP Because They Did Not Take The Time To Read The Entire File On My Son. I Consider It To Be Unfortunate That The Vagaries of The Prosecutor So Upset My Wife That She Was Unable To Effect Her Own Desired Result By Illuminating The Flaw In The Research of The Prosecuting Team. I Consider It To Be Unfortunate That It Now Seems That My Wife And I May Well Have To Hire An Attorney To Defend Ourselves Against The Anger And Power Of The Office Of That Same Prosecutor (Who, Along With Our Son’s Probation Officer, Seem to Be Blaming US for Not Attending To These Responsibilities). I Concede That The Last Bit There is A Bit Premature. Maybe….

  2. also angry Sun, Oct 07 2012 11:55 AM

    Awsome letter, well spoken and evidently mistreated by our system. May we all have to walk a mile in each others at some point...maybe the prosecutor will have a child or grandchild they dearly love that falls by the wayside.........

  3. replica hermes bags Tue, Jan 08 2013 12:54 AM

    On the other hand, maybe everything will work out by January when extreme optimism (well deserved imho) will hopefully replace this extreme pessimism (based on little or no real issues).

  4. Ron Sun, Nov 17 2013 12:59 AM

    Can I fax a letter to an imate, instead of mailing a letter? Or email ?

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