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Broward County Jail - Paul Rein Detention Facility Inmate Search

Broward County Sheriff's Office

Department of Detention and Community Control

Broward County Criminal Court

Florida Broward 1020
2421 NW 16 Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Broward County Jail - Paul Rein Detention Facility
Inmate's Name, Arrest Number
PO BOX 407003
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33340
Juvenile Detention: 954-327-6361

The Paul Rein Detention Facility is a modern two tower, four story direct supervision jail that houses both male and female inmates.

This 1,000+ bed facility houses both medium and maximum security inmates that are in units that require very little movement of the inmates.


To look up if your inmate is in this facility, go here. If they are in the Paul Rein Facility, go here to view the visitation schedule and here to learn the rules and regulations concerning visits.


There are five jails in Broward County making it the 12th largest jail system in the United States. JailExchange has every jail's information on this website. 

The jails are: The Joseph V Conte Facility, the North Broward Bureau, The Central Intake Bureau, the Paul Rein Detention Facility and the Broward County Main Jail.


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Comments 3

  1. Ray Garafano Mon, Apr 16 2012 8:51 PM

    I think it is most disgusting what Juliet Elaine Nelson White has done. Taking advantage of the elderly when they are in a vulnerable situation. This woman is a liar and a thief.She put close to one thousand dollars on my wifes phone bill for calls to Jamaica and took a check from Hans Andersen to coerce my wife into putting her son as poa with option to delegate beneficiaries. Without a doubt said woman is a meddling bitch who will do just about anything to satisfy her way of life. I hope most sincerely this woman is put away for a long time.

  2. angelica Sat, Jun 02 2012 5:08 PM

    I think is sooo unfair that they would encarcelate someone who has been recently diagnose with bipolar desorder and is beginning to have side effects! He has not started taking any meds yet and got stop! now will be in jail for 3 months and then deported... there should be some justice to this,, he has all his family and love ones here!

  3. Alexandra Sat, Jan 11 2014 9:13 AM

    Ray, there are so many unlicensed bitches out there who claim they care for the elderly. My grandmother was a victim of Beverly Gordon aka Nadine. Unknown to me, she convinced my grandmother to change her will before she died so she could get my grandmother's home and IRA's. Unfortunately, due to my mother's ill health and a bad lawyer, we were unable to fight it and this bitch won. And she is now in charge of my grandmother's estate plus her grave site. There is no justice. She stole money out of the joint account that was held with my mother and grandmother by forging my grandmother's signature while she was dying. And the police did nothing about it. But, her son is now in prison at this detention center. Everyone, learn from our mistakes. Do a background check on anyone caring for your loved ones and check to see if they are registered to care for people under the Florida Department of Health. We found out Beverly was never licensed.

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Communicating with an Inmate Housed at the Broward County Jail - Paul Rein Detention Facility in Florida

If you have any of your family member or friend in jail at the Paul Rein Detention Facility and you wish to communicate with them, you just need to follow certain guidelines and polices before proceeding.

For the security and safety of inmates and the staff at the department of jail, guidelines policy for snail mails and phone calls are in force for inmates in jail.

These are the following guidelines for sending letters or postcards to inmates:

  • All mail is delivered to the jail on week days only.
  • When addressing mail, please include the inmate's full name, inmate arrest number and the facility's address
  • Snail mails (letters and postcards) are opened normally in presence of jail staff and are thoroughly searched for contraband items such as lighters, matches, cigarettes, jewelry, or photos that are either explicit in nature, inappropriate or in any way threaten the security of the jail.
  • Inmates are only allowed to receive cards and letters; however, friends and family may purchase care packages on-site at on the jail's available kiosks in the facility lobbies
  • Money in the form of personal checks or cash is are not allowed to be sent through snail; however, like care packages, money may be transferred to an inmate via western union, the jail's online deposit system or cash deposits may be paid in-person at a lobby kiosk.
  • Any type of paperback book, newspaper, religious material or magazines may be sent to an inmate, just so long as it was sent through the actual vendor or publisher. Any published material that is explicit, inappropriate or explicit in nature will be not be accepted.
  • Any outgoing legal mail is inspected in presence of concerned inmates and jail authority, and inmates are allowed to personally seal mail in this instance.

If you'd like to speak to an inmate on the phone, the following guidelines will assist you.

  • While jail inmate are allowed to contact the family member or friends by phone, they are only given clearance to do so once they've received their housing assignment from jail staff.
  • Families and friends should be ready to accept the collect call charges when inmates call-out from the facility.
  • However, inmates themselves are not permitted to receive any incoming phone calls from friends or even family members. Should there be an emergency, please call the jail's main reception area for assistance.
    • Likewise, jail staff is prohibited from passing along phone messages to inmates.
    • If you have any problem receiving phone calls from an inmate or have questions about setting up prepaid accounts, you may contact T-Netix with your requirements.

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