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Alpena County Jail Inmate Search

Michigan Alpena
320 Johnson St.
Alpena, MI 49707

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  1. Mark C. Goniwiecha Mon, Jul 29 2013 9:04 PM

    Tues., July 30, 2013 Please forward to Alpena County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Steven Kieliszewski 320 Johnson St. Alpena, MI 49707 SUSPECTED CRIMES—Illegal chemically weaponized bio-terrorism (“Nasty Nancy’s” hideous “twat slime”); unlawful chemically weaponized defilement and debasement of private homes and private properties at Beaver Lake, and the rooms, furnishings and contents thereof; chemically weaponized serialized sexual assault of Nancy’s sisters and brothers, theirs spouses and children; lawless indiscriminate dissemination of chemically weaponized body secretions and indiscriminate, serialized sexual assault (“Nasty Nancy’s” hideous “twat slime”) of the private homes, private properties and accommodations of the neighbors at Beaver Lake; and a lawless chemically weaponized bio-terrorism conspiracy SUSPECTED PERPETRATORS—My younger sister, Nancy Lynn (Goniwiecha) (Gennero) Bourgeois and her husband, Basil (“Gil”) Bourgeois (contact info—7258 Coolidge, Center Line, MI 48015—phone 586-757-3435). The criminally insane, ongoing criminal enterprise scheme of Nancy Lynn (Goniwiecha) (Gennero) Bourgeois and her husband, Basil (“Gil”) Bourgeois, includes numerous crimes—illegal chemically weaponized bio-terrorism, unlawful chemically weaponized serialized sexual assault, lawless chemically weaponized consumer product tampering, chemically weaponized product adulteration, extortion, blackmail, sabotage, fraud, and elder abuse. Nancy Lynn (Goniwiecha) (Gennero) Bourgeois and her husband, Basil (“Gil”) Bourgeois, own a lot and home on Ponderosa Lane, a block off of Beaver Lake in Lachine, Alpena County, Michigan. Next-door, her sister, Janice Goniwiecha Morefield, and her husband, Mike Morefield, have a lot and home. Across the street from Janice and Mike, another sister, Lorene Goniwiecha Kline, and her husband, Jeffrey Kline, built a very nice home. A couple lots further up Ponderosa Lane, their brother, Steven Goniwiecha, and his wife, Diane Goniwiecha, have a home. On the lake, their sister, Ruth Goniwiecha Yerkes, and her husband, Eric Yerkes, have a home. During 2011, 2011 and 2012, I was an overnight houseguest, or a dinner guest, of all of these siblings of mine, including a guest at Nancy and Gil’s. For some strange reason, which completely escapes me, Nancy and Gil thought that I was going to give them all of my money—that I had worked for, saved, and invested—every working day—for 30 years. Once they began to understand that they were not getting my money, they unlawfully hounded me, and all of us, all around the state of Michigan—wherever I went—and they, both of them, illegally personally smeared their chemically weaponized body fluids on, in and all around the homes and properties of their own sisters and brothers—and wherever I stayed or spent any money. Nancy and Gil stole the keys to everyone’s houses, cars, garages and toolsheds. They both spread and smeared their hideous contagion all around Janice and Mike Morefield’s home, and all around Lorene and Jeff Kline’s home, and all around Steve and Diane Goniwiecha’s home, and all around Ruth and Ric Yerkes’s home. Then, they continued on to defile and debase the homes of all of their neighbors—the elder Gillettes, the younger Gillettes, the Deutsches, and all the other neighbors all around Beaver Lake. You can check all around all of the homes of my sisters and brother—and elsewhere, all around Ponderosa Lane and Beaver Lake—for Nancy Lynn (Goniwiecha) (Gennero) Bourgeois’s chemically weaponized body secretions and DNA, and also for the chemically weaponized DNA of Basil (“Gil”) Bourgeois. Additional victims and / or witnesses: Further, Nancy and Gil Bourgeois also sexually assaulted all of our other brothers and sisters, their spouses, partners and exes, and our nieces and nephews—she smeared her vaginal infection, and he his semen and feces, all over all of our homes, vehicles, and other properties. I have eight brothers and seven sisters—Tom Goniwiecha (Port Sanilac, MI), Lawrence Goniwiecha (Shelby Township, MI), Alan Goniwiecha (Center Line, MI), Joel Goniwiecha (Mesquite, NV), Susan Sanders (Washington Twp., MI), Steven Goniwiecha (Lachine, MI), Marcia Lange (Clarkston, MI), James Goniwiecha (Henderson, NV), Robert Goniwiecha (Rochester Hills, MI), Julie Yancy (Center Line, MI), Jon Goniwiecha (Anchorage, AK), Ruth Yerkes (Clarkston, MI), Janice Morefield (Fraser, MI), and Lorene Kline (Washington, MI)—also they have assaulted our numerous other nieces, nephews, their partners and children, and our cousins. Many of our dear nieces and nephews, along with their spouses, partners and exes, and children, have been victims of Nancy’s sabotage, extortion, and her unspeakable, depraved, boorish, barbaric, serialized sexual assault crime spree and bio-terrorism behavior—for example, Laura and Mike Lebioda (of Washington Township, MI), Lisa and Scott Turner (of Berkley, MI), Danny Goniwiecha and Casey Gigante Goniwiecha (Shelby Township?), Kevin Goniwiecha and Michelle Rivard Goniwiecha (of Romeo, MI), Jacelyn Gennero (of Center Line, MI), David Goniwiecha and Andrea Edwards Goniwiecha (of Shelby Township, MI), Chris Sanders (of Port Huron, MI), Kristin Morefield and James Light (Macomb, MI), Becky Morefield Thompson and Josh Thompson (Royal Oak, MI), Justin Morefield (of Warren, MI), Jason Goniwiecha (of Washington Township, MI), Jeremy and Michelle Goniwiecha (of Washington Township, MI), Selena Kline (Center Line, MI), Dr. Steve Kline (Florida), Jennifer and Don Schaible (Florida), Amy and Rod Corby (MI), Alysia and Carl Walsh (Clarkston, MI), and Sarah and Mike (?) Larkins (of Shelby Township, MI)—and others. It is my suspicion that you will find the chemically weaponized DNA of Nancy Lynn (Goniwiecha) (Gennero) Bourgeois’s DNA, as well as the chemically weaponized DNA of Basil (“Gil”) Bourgeois, in, on, and all around all of the private locations and private accommodations hereinabove referenced. Nancy and Gil became enthralled with the smell of their body fluids—so they decided to share their odors and noxious, toxic contagions with the public at large. Nancy and Gil went stark raving mad! Nancy can’t stop talking about my money—she fixated and perseverated on me and my savings account. She is always on the phone—incriminating herself to all of my sisters, all her former co-workers and her former friends. So I suppose that there are plenty of witnesses who heard her tell them all about all of the events I have described hereinabove. Nancy Lynn (Goniwiecha) (Gennero) Bourgeois and her husband, Basil (“Gil”) Bourgeois, have to be stopped—and institutionalized in some mental hospital or prison. The Upper Peninsula, the Lower Peninsula, Michigan, Macomb County and the world will not be safe until Nancy and Gil are locked up in an insane asylum, tied-down spread-eagle and gagged. The mental hospital, psychopathic institution, or prison is the best location to warehouse them—that’s where they can receive the best treatment money can buy for their condition. Nancy became fixated on me and perseverated on my retirement savings account. Everyone said that she never stopped talking about my money for two or three years! She went crazy because she became mesmerized—like a zombie—by the bells, lights and whistles of the casinos—and she gambled away all her disposable income, didn’t save any money for her retirement and old age—and they conspired to steal my retirement savings. Nancy turned herself into a pathetic cheap, casino floosie! She became a sorry buffoon—a laughable caricature of a former person. I didn’t want or need those busybodies, micro-managers and megalomaniacs undermining, circumventing, subverting or interfering in my personal, private life. What business is it of theirs with whom I am visiting? None whatsoever!—because where I go and what I do is personal and private! What pathetic, desperado losers they are! I would never give “Nasty Nancy” any money, remuneration, or other consideration in exchange for her chemically weaponized “twat slime,” her chemically weaponized sexual assault, her crazy gambling addiction, her 30 years of gambling losses, her ongoing criminal enterprises, or her hate campaign. She was deluded, demented and deranged if she ever thought I would give her any of the money I worked hard to earn, invest and save for my retirement. Please investigate and advise. Thank you for your kind attention and consideration. I am hoping that they are held accountable to the full extent allowed by law, and that there be prosecution and restitution. Sincerely, Mark C. Goniwiecha P.O. Box 5027 Mangilao, GU 96923 (formerly at PO Box 3187 Center Line, MI 48015) Email markgg@gmail.com

  2. itsme Tue, Mar 18 2014 8:14 PM


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